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  1. Just a slight note to that. You can have B flags while being unclassified! I zeroed my second classifier, and got a B because the score was less than 2%.
  2. Makes sense to me I think. Maybe it can can be summarized that you get one “process” a week, and that your process works oldest to newest as you would expect but you won’t “skip” initial classification rules even though you have more than the 6 required.
  3. For CMMG Radial Delay Blowback... I'd recommend ejector springs swapped out at 5k rounds or... for me... I'm just keeping a MATCH-ONLY bolt around and going to refurb it every season. Moving the old MATCH-ONLY parts over to my training bolt. I went 10k in a couple months without anything breaking, but had a jam (FTE, weak ejector spring) on a classifier I was about to 100%. So... time for a match-only bolt.
  4. This should be easy, but I don't really get it. Shooter has 3 matches under their belt. Classifiers with scores of AUGUST 25% JULY 50% JUNE 75% If shooter shoots a 6 stage special classifier at 90 80 70 60 50 40 According to the rules, the first four of six will be accounted for, but also special classifier matches are ranked high to low. What is the shooter's percentage? Does the 75% from June count at all? Does the classifiers of 60 50 40 get combined with the previous three scores and drop the lowest two (75+50+50+60 = 58.75)? BUT THEN... you'll have 8 scores existing, meaning it would be immediately reclassified/scored to (90+80+70+60+50+50 = 66.6)? I guess I'm wondering because depending on the numbers for something before a special classifier match it could help or hurt you.
  5. This sounds like it fully avoids the word "practical" in USPSA. I checked your scores on classifiers that have reloads, this obviously wouldn't be a problem for you to throw a reload in per stage. It's just keeping the spirit of the game. If PCC only competes against PCC, what is the problem with tossing in a 30 round cap? It would eliminate the silly socks walking arond with 60 round extensions because they straight up lack the ability to reload. It would make stage planning mean more for PCC, that's a huge portion of the game imo.
  6. LOL, I wouldn't take a bunch of people switching around as an indication either way. The truth is the new divisions (CO and PCC) will be popular with people who think "maybe I'll be better at that!" then realize they both take work and switch back to Limited or Open. I've seen enough unskilled shooters pick up PCCs thinking it'll be easy to know the real problem is people just don't want to put in the work in any division.
  7. If durability is seriously the most important thing, Aimpoint ACRO P1
  8. Looks ideal. I have full length rail, but did consider adding an MLOK section of rail, then the issue is its still a little loose. Someone could make this product a lot better by using a plastic with a softer durometer that clipped on vs slide on. But yea, you have a good setup there for it.
  9. That's EXACTLY what it is for me https://www.cmmginc.com/9-arc/ I'm glad more than just me think 30round mag limit would improve PCC division. I get it, it's currently "open", but the point is PRACTICAL and 50-60 round glock mags are not that. I don't think there are enough shooters for PCC Limited and PCC Open, but really it's just entirely past the point to have 30-33 round medium stages where you don't have to reload at all.
  10. LOL $180 My 8" 9mm doesn't have enough gas to engage a brake. Good luck on a 16" gun!
  11. This is what I use. However... They don't seem to CLIP on to the rail and stay put. The plastic is too stiff for that. Instead, they slide on, and for me, the only place it wouldn't slide off is if I put it all the way down on my top rail which gets my hand quite close to the muzzle putting it on, I don't want a bonehead DQ... So I still just pocket this.
  12. I can probably be ignored because I'm using PMAG conversions instead of Glock mags. But when I see people mess up reloads with PCC, it has nothing to do with grabbing the mag. As an aside, it's a good thing I'm not in charge of USPSA, because I'd put a mag limit on PCC to 30 just to force people to have to actually be competent in running a carbine.
  13. I don't know how it took so many people so much bickering what is clearly stated in the rules as legal - BUT - This has nothing to do with barricades. I have an 8" barrel PCC, I'm 6' tall. I have a vertical grip extended as far as I can comfortably get to the muzzle because if I don't, I'm choking up on the rail. I use it as a handstop more than anything else but where the BCM KAG and other such grips work well, I like bit more vertical to get my entire hand on (not around).
  14. Sorry I'm just getting to this now. The 9mm does not need a different sized port. 40 and 45 do, but 9mm is about the same size as 556 just shorter. HOWEVER... I chose the Aero XL upper because it's a larger port made for 458 because I wanted to make sure if there was a malfunction I could get more of my hand or tool in there. So, while it does not need it, I think the Aero XL upper is excellent. I'd strongly consider putting one of these on my next 556 built. For reference, the dust cover is the same size, but it's just a slightly larger milled hole.
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