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  1. So did they massively reduce the peak bolt velocity or overall cyclic rate down from 1100 actual (850 claimed)? OR did they just increase the size of the operating window?
  2. Well... That's the rub isn't it!? I tested three chronos over 80-95 degrees, always approx 1040-1050. Then at 60 degrees and it goes sub-minor with range dual chrono setup. So... while I could maybe say their chrono was slightly off, something else had to be going on. RM went on and on about her "certified ammo" (eyeroll). I feel ya. But I'm not about to load more/hotter to get it cleaner. I'm between min and max. I'll retest moving from 29mm to 28mm. But unless they miraculously come out clean, I'm just done with this stuff. I would be willing to accept a slightly unexepected temp sensitivity, or dirty rounds - but not both.
  3. I'm out of the test pound, not going to open another. HOWEVER... I have a little left. Instead of loading at 29mm, I'll load at 27 and 28mm to see if the filthiness changes a bit. But, betweem the losing 40-50fps at 30º delta and the dirt, I'm not expecting magic. I'll remain open minded, but I don't want to load much shorter than 28mm (1.10").
  4. Yea. You're probably right! Despite testing multiple times with S&B, Win, Federal primers all separately (no major differences in speeds). Like I said, I'm sure it works great for you. In the event future-me see this thread, maybe they'll know not to waste their time on this. But again, it probably works excellent in your gun.
  5. This powder sucks. It is in no way a replacement to N320. I chronoed 130-131pf at 90 degrees with 124 and 6" barrel. Same gun at 60 degrees chronoed exactly 125pf. Don't trust it. If it was 59 degrees and it was a match with a chrono I wouldn't have made it. 50fps over 30 degrees isn't acceptable. For all the accounts of how clean this powder is, I'm using 3.9gr and the cases are all have a black band running down them, absolutely filthy compared to any factory ammo, the target holes are surrounded with a gray ring around every shot. Maybe it's just the gun, maybe it's me, maybe it's the 1.14 OAL, maybe it's the three different types of primers, maybe while it sucks in every respect for me it'll work for you... I'm sure it'll work better for you, but I think this powder is absolute garbage. If I needed something in a pinch locally, I'd probably reach for CFE Pistol next, but I'll stick with N320 as long as possible.
  6. I'm going to recommend the CMMG bolt and barrel. You aren't going to go for it because reasons... But I did my part. Once you know, you know.... Almost no one knows yet.
  7. Two questions... 1. Anyone have PCC video of this? I'll figure out if it's better for me to reload before moving on string2 or after running back, but a video might save me some testing. 2. How much distance can you move forward from string1 start while still seeing the left and right targets? @waktasz video appears to be only a couple feet, so I'm not sure it's worth moving before shooting both of those. ANSWERED MY OWN QUESTION:
  8. On the topic... I had though the NO BRACES rule was dumb, but after seeing enough braced guns with questionable shooters behing them, I kinda get it. But what is the official reason to not allow braces?
  9. You think it was a bad roll pin? What would you have done differently noticing it went back in too easily?
  10. As if anyone needed more proof it's time for a different system than audio pickup of the last round... It's not working for unsupressed PCC, and there is ZERO reason to not allow suppressors. If USPSA was smart, they would be encouraging SBR, suppressed, whatever they can to grow the sport beyond the majority of shooters being senior or super senior... because guess what? Those guys have at best 10 years left on them.
  11. Got to shoot all three the JP GMR, MPX, and CMMG RDB this weekend. Its not even close. I was EXTREMELY disappointed in the JP. It's snappy because it's blowback, but clearly more recoil. It's a 1994 Rock River 9mm, literally identical makeup. I had faster splits with delayed blowback. But hey.... Keep buying the JP! Makes my chances better if I'm shooting against you I'm impressed with JP's marketing, getting lines of people to spend about double the value on blowback AR. Don't take my word for it at all. COMPARE before you buy.
  12. Agreed. Now if USPSA wasn't FUDD about silencers...
  13. People don't use X, so obviously X is bad because it ranks low. Hmm... I'll really have to go think on that.
  14. After seeing all the salty old timers rabbling about PCC... Makes me want to run one even more. So that's a slight advantage imo. In actuality this. But only if your 556 AR is set up like your PCC. IMO that means ENDO / ARC mags.
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