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  1. I think people get wrapped around the gear in discussions of practicality, and forget about the shooting. The important transfer that I think USPSA provides is what I've heard referred to as "skills on demand". I.e., a regular competitor can pull out a gun quickly and engage targets rapidly and accurately, reload rapidly, and move around while doing all those things. Doesn't really matter whether they are using a .38 SC open gun or a Beretta M9. The gear is really irrelevant to that conversation- in the Marine Corps our best shooters were guys that did 3 gun and USPSA. Somehow they were still better than all the non-competitors, despite not having their free floated lightweight ARs and 42 oz 2011s with race holsters.
  2. I prefer the MOS, and have about 12,000 rounds thru my G34. The only dot issue I've had is around the 5,000 mark, it started to come loose. Fortunately it was during practice so I was able to take it completely apart and put new screws in with liberal application of blue loctite. No issues since. The nice thing about the MOS is that you have multiple dot options and factory support from Glock. It's also more cost effective than custom work. Getting it milled is just another aftermarket variable that could introduce problems if done improperly. That being said there are plenty of reputable companies out there if that's the route you pick.
  3. Yep that was me! Good shooting with you.
  4. Right on, thanks for the info!
  5. Southwest Ohio (Dayton), I think I've actually squadded with you once or twice Sarge. I'm the guy with EK on my mags, lol. I don't have a home club per se but I always try to make it to the matches within an hour drive of Dayton, Dawg Valley, Oxford, Miami Rifle and Pistol, Miamisburg, etc. I'm trying to get on at MSC so I can actually practice somewhere other than a static range with firing restrictions.
  6. This is probably a dumb question- I read the official policy for Nationals slots, and it makes sense, but it doesn't break down how it works for Areas/Sections. I know that generally speaking division and category winners of Area matches get a nationals slot for the next year, but how else do you usually get one? I'm in Area 5, Ohio section if that helps. I doubt I qualify for one based on my Area 5 performance, but I'm just curious. Always thought it would be cool to go at least once!
  7. Runs perfectly fine in mine. I've shot several different lots. It also runs fine with an 11lb and 13lb recoil spring (and tungsten rod) from glock store.
  8. That's what I was afraid of... Guess I'll find another type of plug or remove it when I need to.
  9. Good info here. Does anyone know if the TTI basepads work with a Vickers tactical grip plug? My Zev basepads don't drop free when I use the Vickers plug.
  10. I was fortunate to take a class with Mr. Vogel and it was worth every penny. I immediately noticed how big of a difference grip makes once I started the grip strength training program he recommended. And yes, he is a phenomenal shooter and his grip is insane. He makes shooting a .40 look like a paintball gun. The class focus was more on self-defense versus competition, so the focus there was of course getting the gun out as fast as possible versus taking .2 seconds more to get a perfect grip. Competition speaking, he did make the point that getting a secure grip is the most important part of the draw, and that stronger grip strength means you have more room for error there.
  11. I always try to squad with people better than me. I'm lucky to usually shoot with a good group of guys that are totally willing to give pointers and analyze what I'm doing wrong or can improve on. As others have said, it has shown me that positioning, footwork, movement are really key... I'm decent at the purely shooting aspect of the sport but what sets the pros apart is stage planning and execution. Watching them do it helps me figure out what I need to fix.
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