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  1. Today I did some barrel work. All of my barrels are made from premium rifled blanks which I then machine in-house. This allows me to control several aspects of the barrel, which is blueprinted to a specific slide and frame combination. The blanks are turned between centers, and immediately afterwards I chamber using custom spec'd reamers - in this case for a high round count game gun. The reamers themselves are live-piloted, which allow maximum support without binding into the rifling compared to standard reamers. Using the Tschorn, I can easily control and verify desired chamber depth for the intended purpose.
  2. Grab a custom made EGW angle bore bushing. Measure your slide and barrel, they will make one for you with enough clearance to run well.
  3. 10-32 rears, 4-40 front.
  4. Took a different path today while I wait for a few barrel blanks to finish up machining. I explored different ways to polish the mainspring itself using various buffing wheels, and also how to smooth out the mainspring housing caps. Normally, these are made from heat treated steel with lots rough edges from the turning process. In the past, I would actually recut them to smooth them out. Today, I instead decided to make them buttery smooth out of titanium. This is one of those small steps that makes quite a remarkable difference in the quality feel of a pistol.
  5. Slide to Frame Fitting Through a combination of machining and surface grinding, we achieve a slide to frame fit that is truly unique. When buying slides and frames out of a catalog, there is usually two, maybe three dimensions that can be fit. The status quo fit is one that utilizes two bearing surfaces, one along the frame rail width and the other along the bottom of the slide. Through numerous trials and experiments, we determined it was possible to double the contact through precision measurement and machining. Our target was a slide fit perfectly centered onto the frame, which keeps the barrel and magazine aligned, and also to add more bearing surfaces for longevity.
  6. This will be a light build series on our new model, the Alpha. All major components and most of the smaller components are manufactured in-house to our own designs based on the huge demands this sport places on guns - with the goal of maximizing accuracy, reliability, and longevity. Our goal was to build a a pistol internally different from what everyone else offers, with a reasonable price and lead time.
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