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  1. Only been to a couple USPSA matches, so I've been unsure about this one. At the beginning of a match when you are gearing up, what is the proper procedure to transfer your handgun from your range bag to your holster? My procedure so far has been to put on my belt/ holster, walk over to the safety area with my range bag, take my handgun out of the bag, check for clear, then holster. At the end of the match I do the exact same thing, except in reverse of course. However, I see a lot of people in the parking lot do this on their tailgates. Is that allowed, or do you have to transfer in the safety area? I also see people put on their belts with the gun already holstered, I'm assuming they holstered the gun at home prior to leaving. Then they just rip off the whole thing and throw it into the backseat at the end of the match. Also allowed?
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