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  1. Well... dang it.
  2. Thanks for confirming I'm not crazy. Everyone kept insisting they were the same but just like your pic they're clearly different side by side. Do you know of a spring that will work in the 2.0 5"?
  3. I'm getting very confusing info regarding recoil springs for the original M&P40 4.25" and a M&P40 2.0 5". I've been asking around and searching, everyone says these guns use the same springs and I can't find anything saying it's a 2.0 spring. Most people are even saying they use the same guide rod. However, when I compare my own guns the 5" 2.0 has a longer guide rod than the original 4.25". Also, there was about 32 coils on the original and around 42 on the 2.0. I emailed S&W and got a quick replay saying "different part number, they're different". You guys seem to have much more direct experience here. Are we sure it's the same ISMI recoil spring for both guns despite the differences I'm seeing?
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