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  1. I deprime before tumble. That way I find all sorts of stuff, including loose and crimped primers. Loose gets the bin, crimped go in a can for cutting before cleaning.
  2. My APX does this as well. Larger round pin/stryker face and clearance to the bore at the breech face. The brass flows back around the face of the pin.
  3. These were my favorite coated. Size .358 shot very well in my CZs with very little leading. The coating to me seems to have a moly content and is a higher quality than the rest. I went back to jacketed because loading .358 had its own set of issues that added steps and slowed things down like some brass was a no go and even good stuff fussy about expander size. Plus they are only $12 per 1K cheaper than RMR FMJs or Matchwinners, which load in any brass without issue.
  4. It sure seems closer to that than anything else.
  5. Generally speaking it will take .2 to .3 grains more to match PF for jacketed over coated 124s with a powder like N320, Sport Pistol. Of course you must consult the data and test though.
  6. My buddy shot a lot of factory Syntech and I’ve reloaded many brands of coated. Having cut, filed some Syntech bullets, I can tell you they are unique and no currently available coated is close. They use a VERY thick polymer type coating, almost like they are dipped in molten plastic not a thin spray paint. Think tool handle Plastidip vs. paint. The rifling engages this and the lead never comes close to the barrel. That’s why the guns stay so clean. They seem to be not quite as accurate as my jacked, plated, good coated loads but accurate enough. If I could get something like this for a decent price I’d try for sure. It would be interesting to see if they keep a comp clean. I got tired of coated quirks and went back to RMR jacketed, and plated for my open gun.
  7. I pulled some old mil 9mm ammo recently. Had a bonding/sealing agent for waterproofing, made pulling tough and left a ring where the base was. I just ran a reamer down the case between my fingers, cleaned up and loaded fine. Didn’t care about the outside just wiped them.
  8. Gave up on them over a year ago. Worst leading bullets I’ve tried, and I tried different profiles and diameters. I’m back to RMR jacketed.
  9. That I know I have an S2 and a P09. Stopping hammer fall and holding it there normally sure. Question is on violent impact to the hammer.
  10. Has it been verified that the gun was indeed decocked fully, hammer down? Has anyone ever tested, or have seen CZ data, for the integrity of the half cock notch?
  11. Sport Pistol the go to but grabbed some AA#2 when it was in stock at Grafs
  12. This is a 10X bushing for a Shadow 2 and it may require fine fitting the ID to the barrel, but the bushing is designed for the gun and fits the slide perfectly. After pressing and pinning it in the gun, I worked the ID with #600 paper until the barrel would barely go it at the right angle with a little force. I then polished it. Once broken in, you have to get the right angle but no force required, fits perfect. If you punch paper or just enjoy precision its a good mod.
  13. I have an S2 with the works from CGW, all done myself. The 10X bushing takes out noticeable play in the fit, and shooting paper off a bag does tighten things up a bit. In my gun, I had to had fit the bushing so I could just barely install the barrel. Does it matter for USPSA or steel? Probably not for me at least. I just couldn't see leaving that one small flaw in such a nice gun. What helped me the most was the reach reduction for better DA first shot as I have med hands at best.
  14. Maybe it just needs some break in and or polish. Mine has all of the CGW stuff, full polish, and thousands of rounds through it now with the #11.5 main spring. Even with the RRK which reduces the hammer travel, it lights everything except an occasional S&B primer which is to be expected. My buddy just got a new optic ready S2 and while nice you can feel the difference some polishing and time shooting make.
  15. My issues were solved 95% with .358 size Precisions. I say 95% because exactly as PhotoRecon noted, there is always a little something left in the barrel. Also, loading .358s in 9mm cases presents its own problems. Works good with the correct NOE expander, but then brass headstamps come into play, with some of the harder, less ductile brands not providing enough tension after expansion, not to mention case gauging in some cases. I never had a .356 bullet not lead my .3555 barrels, so never even considered the .356 Precisions. I'm back to RMR heavy plate and FMJs. The minor savings on coated is not worth the hassles anymore, and I can't run them in my open gun anyway. Its so much cleaner and faster loading the RMR stuff, and the guns stay very clean with the heavy plate. Great people to deal with too.
  16. DG, Brazos, SNS, Ibejehead all leaded my CZs bad. Brazos VERY bad. All diameters. Precisions work well in .358. Have not tried .356, or any Blue Bullets. in
  17. Try Precision Bullets if you want to load coated, and at a larger dia if your barrel slugs large. In my CZs, with .3555 " barrels, .358" Precisions are the only coated that shot clean. Use a proper dia. expander and no FCD. IMO as a new reloader its better to start with jacketed and learn the process and its pitfalls first. Coated are much more sensitive to process variables. Good jacketed from RMR are not much more anyway.
  18. Precision has that same profile in 115/124/147 gr, .356/.358 size, and with a much better coating. SNS made a mess of my S2 barrel. I load everything for minor with Sport Pistol.
  19. My CZs lead up with anything less than .358 coated, and then loading becomes more of a PIA with headstamp related expansion issues. I'm back to RMR, coated savings not worth the hassle to me anymore. Hopefully their heavy plate 124s will be back soon, very clean and shoot great. The jacketed are great in all but my comped gun. Great people too.
  20. Try 4.2g. Last year 4.0g was borderline PF. But, I have dropped to 3.8g for Precision coated 125s with the same results. Your cases remind me of a guy who shoots Titegroup. His brass has that singed look to it.
  21. I loaded many thousands of 9mm with 4.0 to 4.2 g Sport Pistol under RMR 124g FMJs and Match Winners, and my cases do not look like that. They sealed tight to the chamber and are free of soot. Gun is average dirty, nothing odd. This is in a few different guns of various brands. Could the newer lots have changed? I stil have 8lbs from a year ago.
  22. I built a P09 with a Primary Machinel comp and it runs great with 124g RMR plated and 5.4 -5.6g Autocomp. This is about 138 -140 PF. 13lb spring. It will cycle and shoot fine with a variety of loads but this is the sweet spot.
  23. BE86 has a pretty good scope. A little slow for minor but good for anything hotter.
  24. I've done a lot of knockdown matches this past year with basic 124g minor loads. Only had one issue with a large "tombstone" plate that was later found to have a broken weld on the stop bracket and canted way to far forward. All else no problem. Shoot what works for you otherwise.
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