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  1. I bought a batch of SIG Brass in 9mm, and have been beyond thrilled with it's performance in 929. no sticky extractions, easy to resize. I'm on 5 reloads now with some of it, and no split cases or anything else. I'm using .040 moonclips and the rounds are firm and have very little wiggle room.
  2. agreed with Alecmc. That being said, I called them about converting my 357 cylinder to 9mm (I know just a thought) and their answer was two weeks for milling the cylinder. They answered the phone almost immediately when I called in to ask them about it.
  3. Thank MWP, I carry 3-4 extras with me. Looking forward to seeing the new 929's made for the Andy's
  4. I'm a big fan of the cylinder and slide firing pin. I have Apex hammers in my revolvers, but prefer the c&s pin. it's a little longer and cut in a way that allows it to travel further inside the firing pin channel
  5. Sanzo

    S&W TR8 ?

    I shoot a TRR8 for steel and a 929 for uspsa. had the TRR since February of 18 The TRR8 is a really great gun. light easy to maneuver 38Shorts, specials, and magnums all function well. Few things I don't care for. It scratches, really easily. just kydex holster wear marred up my barrel, and the double alpha holster has worn all the finish off my trigger guard. It popped out of the holster once during a USPSA walk through (backed into a wall) when it hit the ground, it received several scratches to the blast shield. It's been back to Smith for repair once after the barrel nut came loose and my barrel started flopping during a stage. One of my squad buddies shoots an open TRR8 magnaported and with an Eotech on top (don't laugh, he kicks royal butt). He loves his more than mine, and really makes the gun work to keep up with him.
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