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  1. You would just have to go pick up a shadow 2 and this one. I don't know if the bushing gives it a little lighter feel in the barrel and a more overall balanced feel, but I originally went into to look at the S2 Urban Grey and didn't even know they had the orange in because it was tucked away in a box in the back. I was testing the bull shadow, and urban grey but neither seemed to be comfortable to me. Even my husband picked them up and didn't prefer their feel. That's when I was told, well we have a new one in, do you want to try it? As soon as I picked it up, it had a steadier feel to it overall. Husband and 4 people standing there said the same thing. This is just my take on it as not everyone likes every gun and not ever gun feels right to everyone.
  2. Yes, but better over all feel and the trigger is way better. Also has more ridges in the orange grips than the previous S2 and from the SBS comparison the slide has a slightly diffent custout variation. I compare an urban grey SBS while purchasing.
  3. The S2 orange is here and it sure is nice! Better overall feel vs the previous S2 in the grip, better feel on weight distribution. The addition of the 1911 style bushing is a big plus! Only downside as of right now is it didnt ship with a flat safety and has the extended safety oob. Priced at 1999 usd.
  4. The Shadow 2 Orange was released. Its different than the orevious shadows and has better grips.
  5. Eitel1207

    CZ shadow 2 Orange

    Just bought one today. 1999. It has a 2 lb trigger and the shot test was sub zero MOA grouping by a human tester.
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