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  1. Everyone has iPhones. So it’s already paid for.
  2. Field method: Deck of cards which are always easy to find on deployment. Place them under the flat bottom scope until you can’t fit more. Make sure all cards are centered under scope. Tech method: take 2 iPhones with a level app that show degrees and then level your rifle, switch to other iphone to confirm its same level ensuring by eye it’s perfectly in the same position as other iPhone. If phones are not giving same level data the app should have a calibrate feature. Calibrate them Identically this can be a step 1 also. Once rifle rails are level place scope on rings and finger tighten to even ring gap spacing on tube clamp points. Now level with an iPhone. I usually depending on scope make take top elevation cap off so I’m on scope body not a cap. Depends on make. Level and tighten, test and check test and check. App i I use is theodolight Serves many purposes. Also map measure pro is an awesome app for long range shooter.
  3. glad I'm not paying for this ammo.....well there is taxes
  4. Yeah good call. That dude is quick for sure especially clearing a retention holster but we don’t just drop the weapon on our nuts and we begin the transition once the weapon fails to fire not always gonna feel the weapon lock back especially at night on NVGs with a lot going on all around you which is established with a trigger pull and no bang(no need to look) or squishy trigger for malfunction but in the end the fastest wins. If I could get dudes to do this while walking sub 2 then they would be rock stars for sure....which means I’d have to get that fast too.... and so far we’re not even close to that for a single rifle shot then rifle dry then transition and 1 pistol shot. Practice practice practice. I’ll try dropping it but I think I’ll have some nut padding. Usually support hand guides rifle down while pistol hand goes to pistol and hands meet same time. Man the dude in the vid is still fast.
  5. Yeah I’ve done 4 of his classes. Always a good time and he’s an awesome dude. Im just wondering what pros could do it in. I’d like to see jerry m do this.
  6. Hello fellas. Can anyone give me times of doing a modified ‘bill drill’. Variation is, from beep click on empty M4 and transition to issue pistol(G19) and complete the 6 shots in A zone @ 7m/y If any pros can make a vid with a crushing time that would be awesome and added to my PowerPoint. Another: the 1-5 drill with rifle then transition to 2 - 2 reload 2 pistol. 3 target front. The 1-5 is a three tgt front and first tgt #1 is 1 shot #2 2 #3 3 #2 4 #1 5 then transition pistol #1 2 # 2 2 # 3 reload 2 a professional running time and video would also be awesome.
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