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  1. Thanks, I think I am leaning towards the S2 orange or the SP-01 Orange, I really like how a 1911 commander feels vs a government so I might go with the SP-01.
  2. Did anyone buy or try out the new CZ Shadow 2 Blue SA yet? How is it accuracy wise or compared to the CZ shadow 2 Orange?
  3. There are a couple of the new CZ Shadow 2 SA on Gunbroker, too. I am deciding on this or the Parrot, was looking at the TSO.
  4. Does anyone have any experience with this pistol, I think a cz show orange or cheqmate would still be better at a lesser price. 4800 seems a little steep.
  5. Hey you can contact KJ works directly , but it will take a month to get them.
  6. Does anyone know if the STI DVC-S can use factory ammo, if so what would you recommend? Are they still having problems with the compensator cracking? https://stiguns.com/product-lineup/dvc-s/
  7. Hey George, I am leaning more towards the TSO. I saw your avatar, where do you get that optic mount from? I am planning on getting the C-More dot and really like the mount the parrot has but I cannot find it anywhere. I really don't want the one from CZ custom.
  8. Thanks Kneel I am definitely leaning towards a TSO, not handloading yet. Will look for a lightly used one. I think I am going the TSO route, I did handle one and I really like the flat single stage trigger. I don't know if I like the SA/DA route.
  9. I am just going to be target practicing, no competition, no self defense, nothing major, I am just a serous hobbyist. I like to try different rounds and shoot at range from time to time.
  10. Yea knowing me, I might want to go and do the hammer and springs, definitely the C-More optic, etc. Maybe just save up for a parrot or hopefully come across a used one. I like this one https://czcustom.com/new-firearms/cz-pistols-custom/cz-75-hush-9mm.html
  11. Hi, I am interested in eventually getting a CZ Parrot, but a guy at a gun show told me they aren't worth the money if I am just a serous hobbyist . He stated they are meant for competition that I never plan on doing and it would be a waste of money. He told me I should just get a CZ SP-01 and convert to the Parrot Style because it would be much cheaper. By the time I add the accessories to make it similar to the Parrot, what am I saving $ 200-300.00. The lowest I could find out the door would be 3200-3300. They basically shoot the same accuracy wise, Any suggestions, SP_01,CZ TSO or Shadow 2 then upgrade. I was looking at the Shadow 2 and making it like the Parrot, but all Blue would be cool looking.
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