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  1. Ordered one on the 11th, still no word on shipping, looking forward to smaller diameter compared to lancer
  2. I went with a Lancer 14" handguard, then added a heavier stock. Both of these helped a little, but I also added a spare buffer and weight to the buffer tube which ended up balancing it out pretty well. Overall it added weight to the gun but it has not been noticeable in competition and transitions really well
  3. There is gap at the front and back of the optic, so the screws are all thats holding it. Its feels solid and held zero but I only fired a small number of rounds with it mounted this way. I definitely feel more comfortable using the optic plate but wanted to give it a try since it's lower to the slide. I'm planning on changing optics and using springer plate.
  4. I just mounted this directly to slide after reading this thread and realizing my slide had the holes for rmr, previously was using springer precision plate, only about 75 rounds through it since changing but didn't notice any ejection issues
  5. I bought an 11# spring when I got my legion, it feels really good with 147gr/128pf, but still undecided between running the 147's or 125gr
  6. Just got a new legion, recieved my holster tonight, already see wear marks on slide and frame after taking gun in and out of the holster maybe 25 times for setup and a few draws. I love the gun but a little disappointed in the finish.
  7. Interested to hear about the comparison, was going to order the taccom +20 but they were out of stock, so I ordered the new TF +20, hope it works!
  8. KE Arms makes a nice glock lower, with lefty mag release, mine has ran flawlessly
  9. Sig confirmed 13.5x1 lh thread for comp, anyone know of a good comp with that configuration?
  10. I decided to give this gun a try. Trigger came in right at 8#'s. I have a spare hiperfire 24c that I would like to drop in if it will work. I know very little about this system but here a some pics for you guys who are trying to decide
  11. That's a good idea, curious how the trigger feels. I've been looking at the mpx because of the ambi controls (I shoot lefty) this seems to be a pretty good deal for the price
  12. I went and looked at these earlier today and just about brought it home. The setup was a little different from what's pictured on the BP site, did not think I would like the stock but it felt pretty good. Do you know what the thread pattern is for the comp?
  13. I initially bought 2 of these to try and they worked great so I purchased 2 more. All 4 for worked flawlessly at my last uspsa match, actually had a couple of feed issues with my oem glock mags
  14. I use the TTI +10 extension on the oem glock mags to get 40ish rounds
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