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  1. I wasn't shooting to slide lock at all. When I got the replacement part from CZ I did notice the ejector is bent a little upwards. The gun ran fine my last match and I didn't notice any signs of cracking on the ejector. I will try grinding down the follower as well.
  2. Shot my first match of the year in carry optics, the ammo feeding problem didn't happen as long as I used round nose ammo. Still trying to figure out a way to fed my syntax ammo reliably though. The gun ran well up until about my 4th stage and then I started to have ejecting problems and some stovepipes. I saw a post on the CZ forum of someone who had a similar problem. Went to check my gun and had the same exact problem, the ejector broke. My mags were loaded to 22 and there was still some room for the spring to compress, but I guess it wasn't enough.
  3. Would the Glock 19 guide rod help with certain ammo nose diving? Took mine out to the range yesterday to zero my SRO to prepare to use this yearner carry optics, and I was still getting some rounds nose diving with a G17 tungsten guide rod with 13lbs spring. I'm using the springer precision mag extensions with the stock spring and follower, and also trimmed the bottom legs of the followers as well. I planned to use federal syntech ammo since I don't currently reload, but I guess I'll have to go with some regular ball ammo till then.
  4. I received my czc 10 coil spring and follower today to try with my Springer Precision base pads. I could fit 23 rounds into the magazine, but was very inconsistent with loading the first round. I'm currently using federal syntech (I don't reload at the moment), and it seems they just run into the bottom lip of the feed ramp. I tried some freedom munitions round nose ammo and it loaded fine. Must be the flat nose profile of the projectile. I guess I'll just run the stock spring and follower which fits 22 rounds, its just a one round difference, but at least it loaded the first round reliably. Anyone else have this problem?
  5. There's a lot to choose from. Glockstore has a sale going on right now on their guide rods. I got the 13lb tungsten spring to try out in my P10F. I have a spare 4lbs Glock striker spring I will throw in and see how that goes with the Federal Syntech 150gr ammo. What areas of the internals did you polish to smooth out the trigger?
  6. Do the Johnny Glock competition triggers already have a rolling break, or do you have to get his custom trigger to get that style of break? I have more of a wall break on my g17 right now, but I want to try a rolling style break. I've seen one of his older videos when he was comparing the triggers he makes and that sub 3lbs trigger break got me interested.
  7. j2_a2

    Which for first Glock?

    I currently run a gen3 g17 in production. Out of what you listed, I would go with the gen 5 34 mos.
  8. I currently shoot in production, but Im getting my P10F setup for CO later this year. So far I've got Springer Precision base pads with the stock spring and follower, fits 22 reloadable. Thinking about getting the Suarez trigger shoe to shorten the trigger a bit with the HBI striker springs. As far as guide rods, I contacted CGW on when they would have a specific P10F guide rod. They told me hopefully sometime this month. I guess I can try what rowdyb did and sand off the the part thats keeping the spring captured, or getting a P09 guide rod and cutting it down. I chose the Holosun 507c as my optic for now, may get a SRO later on.
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