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  1. Really encouraging, thanks for sharing your experience. I'm looking to find a match close to me that I can go watch at least the first time. Think there are some coming up the next few weeks close by. Congrats on your match placement as well! I'm sure that was a nice surprise.
  2. I now need clarification as well. My G19 with RMR is my carry gun, so that is what I was going to use for my first USPSA match, but now I may not be able to do so without figuring out a different holster situation, which I can easily do as right now I am using Safariland holster QLS system so I could get their molle attachment to put on my belt. For clarification I read rule, and it states as long as the butt of the handgun is not below the top of the belt, so would it be this rule or the rule stated in Appendix D4 rule 20? 5.2.7 Competitors must not be permitted to commence a course of fire wearing: A holster with the heel of the butt of the handgun below the top of the belt, except as specified in Appendix D, or otherwise indicated in Rule 5.2.8.
  3. Hi all, Looking for advice on jumping into USPSA or Multi-gun competitions. I served a few years in the Marines 0311 reserves, so shooting AR15 is nothing new to me, but hand gun training is. I am a new pistol shooter, never took classes besides hunter safety course, learned all my handgun shooting "technique" from youtube and reading other's posts on this forum. I have a glock 19 (10rd) with RMR, and a XD mod2 9mm 4". Should I take a few pistol classes first to get the correct basics under my belt before going to a USPSA/Multi-gun match, or keep doing live-fire drills and then go to a match? There is a Multi-gun class at a local range in the next few weeks, and I am going to attend that as well just to get an idea of what a match would be like. Thanks for all advice
  4. Hey all! I'm from NW Florida, Pensacola area. I'm getting interested in shooting 3 gun, IDPA, or any other competition really. I have never shot in a comp before, and I don't have much pistol experience besides what I learn from videos. I was in the Marine Corps Reserves, so I have some rifle experience, but I love learning new things. Just wanted to drop by and say "Hi".
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