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  1. Available 15 January 2020. Price: 1499 Euro. https://sportwaffen-triebel.de/beretta/mod-92x-perfomance/9mmluger
  2. They are available in Europe. In Poland for example.
  3. It should be available soon: https://www.carl-walther.com/products/defense-guns/accessories/2841541.html
  4. Could anyone be so kind and post picture with Q5 SF and Canik magazine inside without base pad?
  5. How far the cases are falling from your Q5 SF? For me, the spread is from 1 to 3 feet. It looks like weak ejection when I compare it to my other pistols. I'm using reloaded ammo 150gr, avg factor 134. And from time to time it - probably - causes intermittent stove pipes. Q5 SF is stock.
  6. My X-Calibur has been passed about 40 000 shots. After 30 000 I replaced magazine catch. And no other malfunctions. I used it as a replacement of my CZ Shadow 2 and I'm really impressed. Muzzle flip is a little bit more than SH2. But accuracy is much much better (I still don't know why).
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