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  1. Agreed. Just approach the immature a_-hole, and act like the adult.
  2. This is amazing advise. A buddy of mine did that and took a picture of the guy and his mom off of her bedside table and gave it back to the guy.....
  3. So true about the match setting. We have to learn to overcome the subconscious mind. Subconsciousness is a defensive mechanism put in place that constantly telling you you can't do something. I had a really great brain trading session with a gentleman named Henry Hopking. I was introduced to him by my father, who's a world class FITASC and Sporting Clay shooting. I utilized his techniques for competitive shooting and rally driving, and the way he teaches you to harness certain waves, Theta, Alpha, and Beta, brings tremendous level of insight and discipline.
  4. I've used 0.001"-0.004" shims to tighten up dovetails before with no noticable POI shift.
  5. I've never had confidence in the guide rails on these things. Does anyone have any positive or negative feedback on this?
  6. I practice blind reloads in my living room constantly.
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