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  1. I am also considering an SRO for Shadow 2 OR, and I am in Europe too. I think I would go for the 5MOA, it would replace my Vortex which is 6. In the end dot size for pistol practical shooting is not that important, and as probably everyone already knows, on presentation a larger dot is not easier to find than a small one. Where did you pre-order, and price?
  2. Saturday I was through my first stage, which had minimum 12 rounds (I shoot IPSC production, can load 15 in a mag). Being the first stage I took it smooth and easy, until after the 10th round i got this very unusual slide lock malfunction. I quickly corrected it by hitting the slide release. Well, obvious solutions are not always the best ones... as I found out when the hammer went down without the resulting bang. When it finally dawned on me, I discarded the empty mag, reloaded and shot the two final shots. What had happened: I am used to reload magazines in 5-round batches, precisely not to mess up the count. I can normally count to three to get to 15 rounds, but in the instance 3 was actually 2, so 15 rounds became 10! It is also a little silly but my Stock 2 magazines have a witness hole on the 16th round. When I load 15, only a tiny part of the follower shows through the hole, and unless direct light shines through the hole, it is not easy to guess the loading level... I may start loading 16, check the hole and discard one
  3. Well yeah I was not thrilled to get a penalty, but did not challenge that decision as I could not quote the rule by heart. Actually when I read 10.2.8 at home , I though the RO did not apply the rule correctly, as the transfer to SH was part of the reloading process, which is specifically listed as an exception. But then you quoted the glossary, and after that, while the call may have been strict, I cannot say it was a wrong one. Having said that, if this became a universal interpretation, I think you'd see strange manipulations, and ultimately some (very likely loaded) guns will get dropped. Perhaps WH>SH hand transfer should be more precisely described either in the rule, or in the glossary... ...and this was no Nationals ;), just a level 2 in a European region...
  4. Thanks for recalling the definition of reloading start: at activation of the button. This changed my perspective about a procedural I got last week, whereby in order to reload, i transferred the gun from WH to SH, used SH to activate magazine release, inserted magazine with WH, re-transferred gun from SH to WH. Remembering the rule of the OP, I thought it was ok to transfer the gun to reload, but technically in doing so i held the gun in SH a fraction of time before activating the button. Fair enough, kudos to the RO. However I have now to figure out how to reload in such a scenario, as I cannot safely hold the gun and hit the release with WH only. What's right here? Slide SH thumb under WH palm hoping the RO will not object the inevitable touching of the handle??
  5. Thanks Chili, you sum it up nicely, and what you say confirms my assumptions. Perhaps I am too particular about this, but spray and pray shooting is not my idea of competitive shooting. Ok, swingers excepted I may as well end up shooting the targets at the best of my abilities at all distances, and let the splits be what they will be. Was it in Ben Stoeger's book I read about paper classification vs. realistic one? This classifier seems a practical application of that concept.
  6. Sorry I probably used the word 'string' carelessly, but no, this would be under Comstock so CoF time is from beep to the last of the minimum 24 shots, with three mandatory reloads. In fact I am training myself not to look at holes in the paper nor listen to metal, but rather call the shots - so in this scenario and under Comstock, I would rule out trying to count the holes and assume all misses from the farthest shoot boxes.
  7. This seems to be the case, and after all, IPSC is freestyle, so any solution which solves a problem without breaking a rule should be ok... Of course there is an obligation to engage targets with at least one shot (rule [Jan 2019] 10.2.7), failing which one procedural + applicable misses are applied. So of course in this scenario, no less than six shots should be fired from each box. Would be an interesting call for a RO to observe six shots discharged into the berm without noticeable shift of the aiming axis: in this case could two procedurals be inflicted? Considering that, from box A, the vertical centerline of two adjacent targets would be spread 137 MoAs, that would require judging an arm movement of 2.3 degrees: a very tough call.
  8. Yeah this is in fact a relevant consideration I did not mention in the OP: IPSC handgun rules only foresee Comstock scoring (rule [Jan 2019] 9.2.1). Under Virginia, what I thought would make less sense.
  9. Well, in Europe gun ownership is tightly regulated, so if and once you get a gun after much red tape, then you'll probably be more motivated to use it
  10. LoL, all indoors I think the stage designers are incredibly talented! Summer is short and gorgeous!
  11. Hello, as a new shooter (started last year) i will have my first IPSC classifiers this summer. I am therefore studying the stage set-ups, even reproducing some for dry fire practice. Classifier 69 (see attached diagram - credits: ipsc-tech.org) puzzles me as regards how to shoot it. Stage begins with 3 far open targets, 23 meters/75 feet, to be engaged from position A 'with a minimum of two round each', then reload and proceed to position B, same string, and so forth up to position D. Total rounds to be scored is 8 per target. Based on my skill level, shooting from 23 meters/75 feet will give me bad splits and potential mikes (not to mention the added challenge of a first DA shot). Next station is the same, at 14 meters/45 feet, which is probably more than what I am used to shoot in competition. Positions C and D give me confidence of hitting the target reliably in controlled pairs. Now, I will ask a question without being cheeky about it: i shoot and compete for fun, i am not looking for shortcuts, but rather to elaborate a strategy including make up shots. Is it allowed to point and shoot rapid pairs engaging the targets from positions A and B, and engage from C and D with 3 or 4 shots each target? This would make it likely to obtain the required minimum 8 hits on each target. The efficiency would be brought by comparing splits obtainable at differing distances: I can shoot 4 shots at 7 meters faster and more reliably than 2 shots at 23, so I am better off doing it. Fact: Would this comply with the stage instructions/IPSC rules? Opinion: Would you consider this to be sporting behaviour?
  12. Hello, I am not a new shooter, but new to practical shooting. I started in October last year, by joining an active club shooting IPSC. I so far shot about 30 matches, mostly level 1, some level 2 and one level 3 in Production, getting DQ three times (finger on trigger), winning a stage once in a club match, and generally ending up in a 50-60% overall division position. Most importantly: having great fun and enjoying the company! After reading a lot of posts on this forum, it is now time to post something, so here we go! DVC all!
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