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  1. I've recently examined some bullets that were returned. I got back some that were loaded and pulled (caused leading). The pulled bullets measured .3555" and the un-seated (new) bullets measured .3560". The bore measured .3555" so what is really going on is the bullet isn't oversized anymore. (it was only a .0005" over anyway.) It is important to know for sure what size the bullet is in a loaded round. (It takes a micrometer to know since a caliper isn't really accurate in tenths.) Expander plugs and crimp dies can swage down the lead and make it too small for the barrel, I'd say it could happen regardless of the initial size of the projectile. So get those hammers out and pull a few bullets if you are having leading issues.
  2. Good to know! Glad we could help you figure out the recipe.
  3. Look at http://www.brazosprecision.com/ 10% off Memorial Day sale right now. Good stuff y'all! Our GOLD is lower priced than BLUE even without the sale.
  4. That’s the plan going forward. Any sizer that falls a few tenths under the stated size will either be lapped or relabeled. This will apply to all profiles and calibers. Current inventory will not be changed so if you want to specify a minimum size we can double check the order before shipping.
  5. Thanks for all the replies to my questions. We have decided to go with the stated size minus 0 plus as much as .0007" So a .356" will be between .3560" and .3567". Lots of sizing dies actually drop a little small and we are basically going to make sure we are rounding in a helpful direction. BTW we just launched a new 9mm 135gr nlg round nose and it's worth a look.
  6. The most unsafe thing I've seen was a older guy passing out while shooting a 45. He stumbled and fell with his pistol cocked finger on trigger and muzzle touching his temple. A guy got there an instant before me and gently removed the 1911 from his hand. At that time his lights came back on and he moved his hands. If he'd squeezed his hand he'd have blown his brains out. That was tough to see. All the safety protocols assume one major thing: consciousness. Without that.......we're screwed.
  7. Hoppe sells wipes. Also there's a brand called D-lead. I don't know if they are actually different from normal wet wipes though. My lead tests are off the chart thanks to our local indoor range that I spent about 4 hours a week inside for the last 3 years.
  8. Most Bullseye shooters that shoot 9mm for the 50 yard line use jhp and push them pretty hard. In fact in my humble opinion, there is no reason to load 9mm for bullseye because a 45 can hold the X ring with much lighter loads and with lead swc tips; therefore the recoil is easier to deal with than a snappy 9. As soon as I can get the time, I want to test and develop loads for all of our bullets that will be "Bullseye accurate" just so we can have the confidence and personal experience. There is a rumor that the 38 super can be loaded with lead in the ranges of 38 special target loads and be quite accurate and soft shooting, but I've been shooting bullseye for 3 years now and haven't seen a single 38 super on the line (at least that I'm aware of). I'm tempted to try it just for a project.
  9. For coated lead bullets, I've noticed that .356" seems to be the most common size on the market. Brazos Bullets (brazosprecision.com) is considering making .3567 (just a touch shy of .3570") our standard. Does anyone see a problem with being a little big? I've had a few guys with leading issues and I think this would solve it. We'd still offer other sizes but the "stocked" size would be a ~6-7/10ths of a thou big. I'd love to hear from y'all on this topic. Pros/cons/concerns/etc.
  10. As for velocities, I'd say stick with "normal" pistol velocities and everything should be fine. I'm not that guy who wants to find the top end just for the sake of it. I've heard of people pushing coated lead past 1400 fps without issue though. Weekends have been pretty busy lately. Eventually we will show up at CCC though. What days are the matches?
  11. We have had a couple of folks have this issue. The coating seems to pass inspection via smash and acetone testing. The loading seems within the normal ranges. It may be as simple as upping the size. In fact I believe that is the key. I'll be watching the thread for other ideas too. I'm an Expert Bullseye shooter. I can reload what I need, but I'll admit that I don't have all the answers.
  12. We are taping the box completely in all 3 (l,w,h) directions. We are about to start shrink wrapping the box to see if that improves the durability. USPS flat rate boxes are the only way we can ship affordably. It's too bad they don't take better care of the boxes. Honestly it's like they try to bust them open because they are mad that they are so heavy.
  13. Has anyone tried Brazos Bullets? We’ve had great feedback so far and the cost is lower.
  14. i can look into 135 gr. There are 135 round nose bevel base and 135 rn flat point square base. Lube groove and no lube groove. Y’all let me know and I’ll see if we can get the moulds ordered. It’s nearly a $1000 investment so I’d like to get it right.
  15. I just called the shop and we do have some (150 lbs or so) on the shelf. They go fast though. We’re making 400 lbs latvthe end of the week too. So if you’re in a hurry you should order today.
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