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  1. jkf74

    Sp01 red dot options

    I have the milled plate system. It took around 7 weeks to get my upper back.
  2. jkf74

    Sp01 red dot options

    I have the CZcustom plate system on my SP-01 Shadow. It was well worth the money. I much prefer the versatility of the plates over direct milling. Also seems like dots last longer on plates than they do direct mounted.
  3. jkf74

    Lok grip texture

    LoK palm swell bogies here. I had to take sandpaper and lightly hit one spot at the top of the right grip. Other than that they have been perfect.
  4. jkf74

    Taming Lok Bogies

    My Lok Bogies on my Shadow 1 had a certain spot that was hard on my hand. I took some sandpaper and lightly touched that area up. They have been great ever since.
  5. Couple weeks late to this but I second the matches at Rocket City Practical Shooters. Great matches and people. Strategic Edge also has good matches.
  6. jkf74

    CZ-USA Online Store

    Any particular reason you’re not a fan of CZ Custom? That’s rare in my experience.
  7. I shoot a Shadow 1 with a Viper on a plate. I’m waiting on it to come back from repair. I don’t know that a plate will help you all that much.
  8. I’d be interested in a response to this as well. I also shoot a Shadow 1 with the CZC plate system.
  9. The difference in legality is that the wc320 mag well is internal.
  10. This is a very good point that deserves more thought. I was just thinking on the ability of swapping slides.
  11. Yes I was clear in my question on the legality of using the wc320 module on other P320 models.
  12. I sent an email to Troy over this issue. He replied back that the module itself is also legal for production and CO.
  13. I emailed RNOI myself. Troy replied and said that both the WC320 full gun and the grip module itself is legal.
  14. I have read thru the thread on here that discusses the wc320 and a few comments address the grip module. Has anyone got any concrete info yet on if the wc320 grip modules themselves are legal to use?
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