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  1. I’m looking for suggestions or advice on IWB holsters. I’m getting a new STI DVC tactical with the barrel setup with a suppressor end. I’ll also be adding a venom red dot. Im looking for people who have had good or bad experiences so I’m not waisting time and money trying to find what works. Me im 6’2” 230 lbs any and all advice welcome
  2. Thank you all for your suggestions. I ended up writing into STI and they told me the rear sight is a Novak cut. I looked around and Midway is the cheapest as well as having them in stock. My other pistol has a laser but in bright light you can’t see it. So the red dot looks to be the way I’m going based on cost and what my needs are. Thank you all for your suggestions.
  3. Thank you for the welcome. I’m going to finally be able to take my pistol out tomorrow and test it. Wohoo first is with standard 45acp then I will load up some supers if my back does well handling the recoil.
  4. I recently purchased a STI DVC TACTICAL 2011, and since my wife will be shooting it who is visually impaired I want to put a red dot on the sti. She can see the dot she just can’t focus on the sights. I read EGW sells an adapter plater to slide in place of the rear sight, but their out of stock. If there is anyone out there who has ideas it would be great or even may have one laying around. I just don’t want to drop a bundle on something that may not work for her to use, or to drastically modify my new pistol.
  5. Thinking about getting a 2011 next. Currently recovering from triple low back fusion, and can’t shoot for 6 months to a year. So as a winter project I decided to upgrade my pt1911 ss to a 45 super, then had extra time so I replaced all the mim parts with either Wilson combat, or EGW, or Ed brown parts. Then I had to polish it, since I still had more time on my hands, lol. Now that I’m finished, I’m contemplating getting a 2011. So I’ve been doing lots of research, and haven’t decided on which way to go like to either build a custom one, or buy a used one. I really like the race guns, but am not sure if I’d ever be able to compete, but it would be fun to play with, and if I do build one it will give me lots to do since it looks like I’ll have lots more time.
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