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  1. The Boys season 2 arrives September 4, 2020.
  2. Those are the only ones that should be watched. And the Holiday Special in December.
  3. I had to look-up what a popple is. Here's a video showing muzzle ride reduction due to popple holes.
  4. Nice work. I am happy to see you using takeaways in your shooting. I hope to have the same positive attitude when I start shooting steel/USPSA in the next couple months (I am a total noob).
  5. Funky looking. I love it. Here's hoping it shoots all A's for you. Can't wait to get one someday...
  6. It's going to be a long time before I can use word "BOSS" in reference to my shooting!
  7. The holster from J&L Gunsmithing has arrived. It fits the Witness P Match Pro well. He put a Blade Tech attachment on it for me. I'm posting pictures of the holster in case someone is looking for one in the future.
  8. Ordered one today. I will post pics when I receive it. Thanks for your help.
  9. J&L got back to me quickly. He has the holsters. I have them in stock Custom made for the P-match Pro They are $65 and the back is drilled for blade tec belt attachments. Jim Jones J and L Gunsmithing 757-567-5993
  10. Thanks. Ben Stoeger Pro Shop responded it does not have anything to fit the polymer Tanfos. I've give J&L a try.
  11. Sorry, the height is the odd measurement. Most Tanfos seem to be 5" height (the Stock II and III are. The P Match Pro is 5.6". I'm looking at EAA's website now. Looks like the Limited custom is 5.6" height also. The OAL is 0.25 longer. Don't know how I missed that. I will give that a try or BSPS as you suggested.
  12. I'm looking for a holster for USPSA production for my Witness P Match Pro. I've extensively searched the internet and messaged a few companies. No one makes a holster for this pistol. Holsters which are advertised to fit Tanfoglio are usually make for Stock II and Stock III. Even the holster sold by EAA does not fit. I've messaged the larger companies like BladeTek and others with no luck. The P Match Pro has unusual dimensions: Barrel: 4.75" OAL: 8.75" Height: 5.6" Width: 1.4" Seems the width is the odd dimension. Does anyone know of someone who will make a custom USPSA production holster for this pistol? I am asking before I take a heat gun to a DAA PDR-PRO II and try to fit it myself (I don't think I will be successful). I can post a pic of the pistol in the DAA holster if you want to see the fit (or lack thereof). Thanks.
  13. Just received mine today. Can't wait to try them out.
  14. I just received a new Hennings Lightweight X Long firing pin. Should I polish it since it has rails on the bottom, or should I leave it alone?
  15. Nice looking pistol. Looking forward to see if and how you tune it.
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