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  1. Just received mine today. Can't wait to try them out.
  2. I just received a new Hennings Lightweight X Long firing pin. Should I polish it since it has rails on the bottom, or should I leave it alone?
  3. Nice looking pistol. Looking forward to see if and how you tune it.
  4. My Witness P is polymer with a metal slide. The Witness P is on the production list. I do not know if the "P" is for polymer. I won't go on the EAA website since I've been getting a trojan warning about the site for the last few days.
  5. Thank you. The right trigger's top is much larger than the Tanfoglio factory so I would not be surprised if it was not a Tanfoglio trigger.
  6. I have the The EAA Witness P Match Pro by Tanfoglio. I contacted EAA who replied that the The EAA Witness P Match Pro by Tanfoglio is on the production list.
  7. A gunsmith gave me two used Tanfoglio triggers. I think one on the left is factory. The other I don't know. I checked PD and did not see a similar trigger, so I don't think it is an Xtreme. I also checked Hennings, Stoeger, and Graufel with no luck. Can anyone confirm the trigger on the left is a factory (Match Pro). And can anyone tell me what the trigger on the right is? Thanks.
  8. Thanks. I'm going to complete a Memphis Mechanic polishing before I buy the trigger and other parts.
  9. Should I get the CGW trigger pin also?
  10. USPSA Production rules indicate I cannot use a SAO trigger in my Witness Match Pro. Only Double Action, Double Action/Single Action, and Safe Action/Striker Fired handguns are allowed, and must be on the approved list. I have a Hennings flat SAO installed. Can someone suggest a good/decent DA/SA trigger I can put in so I can shoot Production? Thanks.
  11. I watched it twice so far. Cannot wait for season 2.
  12. I have a Witness P Match Pro in 9mm. It is a large frame Tanfoglio. I bought new Wolff recoil springs from PD for it. I bought them separately so they are not color coded. In a moment where I lacked common sense I mixed the recoil springs together and I'm not sure how to identify the weight of each. I have 4 springs - 8, 9, 10, and factory. Can I identify them based solely on length (shortest = 8, longest is factory)? If not, how do I identify them? I'm attaching a picture in case length is not the best way to identify them. Thanks for your help.
  13. Not sure this will help but I emailed EAA with the same question for my Match Pro. You could try the same. Here is my message and (not helpful) response from EAA.
  14. Nice! Is New Holland open to non-member shooters for these events? I'm about 1.5 hours away and looking for my first shoot.
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