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  1. I solved the problem by adding locktite to the assembly and it has been fine since.
  2. I have a Dillon 1050 press. I got it set up from the factory in 38 special. Worked perfectly. I converted to 9MM and have been having a bunch of issues. I have all but one figured out. The issue is that the primer depth control rod is backing out (up). I adjusted the rod by turning it in so the primers are set to the proper depth. About a 1,000 rounds in I noticed high primers. So, I put adjusted the rod to the proper spot and left Allen wrench in the rod, indexed it to a spot where I could tell if it was moving and started loading. About three hundred rounds later the rod backed out almost a quarter of a turn. There is no locking mechanism for the rod so I am at a loss on how to keep the rod from turning. Anyone have a trick to keep the rod from backing out?
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