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  1. I was wondering if anyone has first hand experience with a Bar Sto barrel for the S2. Would like to know if it required a lot of fitting and is there a noticeable difference in accuracy?

  2. My main gun has an SRO and is is rock solid and trust it 100% bit still run an RTS2 on my backup and I know people have had issues with them but mine has been great. The SRO I think is more durable but have great luck with both 

  3. I ran nothing but Atlantis Arms In my 38SC and would. Or shoot any other ammo now that I switched to 9 major I shoot Everglades and Black Dot I. 2 different 2011’s and can not say enough good about both companies 

  4. My main gun is a Custom CK and the backup is the new DVC O. Both guns work flawless with MBX mags and neither gun seems to like the gen 2 170’s and hit or miss on the 140’s . I did see Adams video when he adjusted the actual body. My 38SC I used MBX and Gen 1 mags and it ran both flawlessly

  5. Need help recently switched to 9 major from 38SC. Both my guns run flawlessly with all 3 size MBX mags which are my MATCH mags however I have a bunch of Gen 2 mags that have issues with. I am running Gen 2 bodies Grams guts and TTI basepads and the first few rounds tend to dive. The 170’s are a lot worse the the 140s. Springs are all brand new left loaded for a week to set.Now my question is am I better off to get these running as practice mags or just scrap  them and go all MBX  I don’t know That much about GEN 2s

  6. I am in the process of switching over to 9 Major from 38SC. I occasionally get a nose high jam and not sure what might be causing it any help would be greatly appreciated.


    using MBX mags 


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