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  1. Did not know KKM was making a barrel for the S2. I will have to check them out
  2. Thanks already have the bushing in it and agree they are great
  3. I was wondering if anyone has first hand experience with a Bar Sto barrel for the S2. Would like to know if it required a lot of fitting and is there a noticeable difference in accuracy?
  4. I have a CK E2 Aluminum grip that was fit to my old open gun. I have decided to stick with the plastic grips on my new guns. Was thinking about selling the old grip but some people say they can only be fit once. Wanted to feedback don’t want any issues.
  5. Yeah I like to keep things simple. Luckily I found a solid and reliable system that I trust for each Gun.
  6. My main gun has an SRO and is is rock solid and trust it 100% bit still run an RTS2 on my backup and I know people have had issues with them but mine has been great. The SRO I think is more durable but have great luck with both
  7. Funny thing I noticed today all my Gen 2 mags runs flawlessly in my STI just not my CK. I am just going to keep the MBX for my CK and GEN 2’s for my STI
  8. I ran nothing but Atlantis Arms In my 38SC and would. Or shoot any other ammo now that I switched to 9 major I shoot Everglades and Black Dot I. 2 different 2011’s and can not say enough good about both companies
  9. I run it In 2 different open guns and runs like a champ and seems a little softer then Black Dot. Everglades is a top notch company.
  10. My main gun is a Custom CK and the backup is the new DVC O. Both guns work flawless with MBX mags and neither gun seems to like the gen 2 170’s and hit or miss on the 140’s . I did see Adams video when he adjusted the actual body. My 38SC I used MBX and Gen 1 mags and it ran both flawlessly
  11. Need help recently switched to 9 major from 38SC. Both my guns run flawlessly with all 3 size MBX mags which are my MATCH mags however I have a bunch of Gen 2 mags that have issues with. I am running Gen 2 bodies Grams guts and TTI basepads and the first few rounds tend to dive. The 170’s are a lot worse the the 140s. Springs are all brand new left loaded for a week to set.Now my question is am I better off to get these running as practice mags or just scrap them and go all MBX I don’t know That much about GEN 2s
  12. Was wondering what everyone is using for a hard travel case that will hold 2 open guns generally use Pelican just not sure what model
  13. I personally am partial to Springer for my CZ
  14. I STI Tubes TTI basepads GRAMS Springs and Followers
  15. Thanks will spend some time going thru everything and might load out to 1.160
  16. Currently I am running a STI TRuBOR and running 124 grain JHP
  17. and Yes these mags are fairly new so have good springs
  18. What are you running your feed lips at?
  19. I am in the process of switching over to 9 Major from 38SC. I occasionally get a nose high jam and not sure what might be causing it any help would be greatly appreciated. using MBX mags
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