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  1. arms list is a joke, gun broker is ok, what other sights are out there
  2. I have a 1911 and plaining on starting with a Beretta 92.
  3. What would you guys recommend for a first pistol in 3-gun and USPSA? try to keep the price under $1k Im looking at a Glock 34. Hoping to upgrade it though the classes and later maybe a 2011.
  4. trying to understand the power factor, Is it the bullet weight?
  5. major, minor, open, A , B where can I find out more about this?
  6. At this point I'm just trying to learn. Im personally looking for a good used Glock 17/34. STI's are beautiful guns, but out of my price range. SVI I haven't heard much of.
  7. what are your thoughts on the Versa Max?
  8. I was told to stay away from the stoger M300. lots of issues.
  9. Hopefully soon for me
  10. SVI and STI's are both custom guns. is one better than other? or is it a Ford vs. Chevy deal? Where is a good place to post trades(fire arms)?
  11. I'm new to this. What is the BOX?
  12. Im on here looking for advice on gear, technique, and ways to become a better shot.
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