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  1. arms list is a joke, gun broker is ok, what other sights are out there
  2. I have a 1911 and plaining on starting with a Beretta 92.
  3. What would you guys recommend for a first pistol in 3-gun and USPSA? try to keep the price under $1k Im looking at a Glock 34. Hoping to upgrade it though the classes and later maybe a 2011.
  4. trying to understand the power factor, Is it the bullet weight?
  5. major, minor, open, A , B where can I find out more about this?
  6. At this point I'm just trying to learn. Im personally looking for a good used Glock 17/34. STI's are beautiful guns, but out of my price range. SVI I haven't heard much of.
  7. I was told to stay away from the stoger M300. lots of issues.
  8. SVI and STI's are both custom guns. is one better than other? or is it a Ford vs. Chevy deal? Where is a good place to post trades(fire arms)?
  9. Im on here looking for advice on gear, technique, and ways to become a better shot.
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