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  1. Love the x5. I shoot it way better than I ever could any of my Glocks. It just fits my hand better I guess. The trigger is also far superior in my opinion. First match after switching to CO was not good. Shots all over the place. After spending a few months dryfiring and getting used to the dot, I'm way faster and more accurate. I want to transition back to production at some point, but shooting with a dot is so much fun!
  2. Hi I'm Steven. Currently living in Rochester, NY. Been shooting USPSA for a little over a year now. Ran a Glock 34 in Production for about a year. Recently made the switch to Carry Optics when I picked up a Sig p320 x5 and a Romeo 1. Really looking forward to shooting more matches this year, training harder, and becoming a better shooter overall.
  3. I've been running the Blade-Tech Signature on a Boss hanger for my p320 x5 for the past few months. I think it's great for the price. Very solid and durable with great adjustable retention. Several guys at my club use the Signature for their Glocks with no complaints.
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