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  1. Im on my 2nd SRO. Shot roughly 500 on it before the 1st one died, but I think it was a defective dot. Trijicon replaced it with the warranty and I have another 3000 through the dot
  2. A member on here gave me the heads up earlier and I was able to stock up. Thanks all! A good bunch on here. I appreciate it!
  3. I just recently started to reload, but it seems primers are sold out everywhere. Anyone know of anywhere I can buy primers online or locally? No luck ay my Local bass pro or cabelas here in northen IL.
  4. Fire4effect or cajun gun works might be able to Mill your dice for another optic, maybe the sro
  5. I had mine fly off as well mid stage. I switched to battle werx screws, they are a little longer than 6-32 x 3/8 and i havent had any issues yet. They are available on their website. Nice setup by the way! I have the same set-up, you have anymore pictures of those grips? Was wondering how it'd look on the 2 tone shadows
  6. How would you say the width of the grips compare to hennings?
  7. Was hoping to get 1 last match in this weekend but i get it. Sooner we get through this, the sooner we can shoot matches again. Dry fire it is
  8. Cz custom about to be real busy with this and a01s making the list. Good time to be a cz owner
  9. I was wondering the same thing s2 and sp01 lowers are approved. In theory the bull upper is just an aftermarket barrel and slide
  10. Chompion

    CO Weight Limit

    Looks like they now allow aftermarket slides and barrels as well. Maybe the bull shadow uppers will now be legal on the s2 or sp01?
  11. Anyone whos warrantied a sro notice they came back in a different box (bigger and red latch, 1st sro came in a box just like my rmr) and the battery cap has a red ring? The box doesn't mean much but I'm wondering if it means they've made updates to the sro
  12. No issues with aim Surplus and yes send back to trijicon. I actually just sent mine back and they emailed me 1 day after receipt saying they will ship out a new one
  13. I've broken a dp pro after 4000 rounds, my sro just died after 2000 rounds. Hoping the sro was just an early model issue
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