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  1. Shouldn’t be looking eyes or snapping head until the shot is broken either way
  2. I love the spray over the gel for some reason
  3. Ordered 2 pair of velocity. 1 for wife and 1 for me after steve Anderson let us use his pairs at his class.
  4. 5.11 stryke shorts or pants. Love the pockets more than anything
  5. There’s some scientific studies somewhere that back up music gets you in a groove
  6. Snap your head to the target and look rather than tracking the sight/dot to the next target, game changing
  7. You getting holster bind or is that induced from your hand when the pistol snags the holster
  8. Going to sound lame, but you look tense toward the end. Loose is where the speed is at on the reloads I’m finding finally after being told it as well.
  9. Lock wrists more left hand pressure
  10. I agree Steve showed me how to gain more speed by losing a lot of tension and the gun stays high/up the whole time.
  11. They talked about Dummy rounds coming out Of gun during make ready
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