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  1. Trying to remove material on the CGW disconnector for my shadow 2 and having some issues making up my mind, what do you all use to take that material down? I've got a dremel and cut off wheels and cylindrical carbide bits but I quite honestly have no idea how I'd keep the shape/surface anywhere near decent with the cut off wheel, and on top of that I don't have anything to measure how much I'm taking off each time. Anyone in here take these down with sand paper and how badly do I need to see exactly how much is coming off. I've taken very few light passes with the carbide bits and reinstalled and quite honestly I have no idea if it even took anything off as nothing has seemingly changed in 3 times I've gone over it. Since I don't have anything to measure with and I'm using a dremel I've been going very light on the material, last thing I want to do is have to order another and restart.
  2. hawaiifivebro

    P320 X5 Thread

    What size fiber optic rod is the factory front sight? Lost the inserts that came with it and trying to see what I need after breaking mine out.
  3. I had the ghost's and found I didn't quite like them as much as I thought I would over time, ended up buying the racers and have zero complaints. That being said, I have four used ghost pouches for sale lol
  4. Anyone want to make a small profit on a spare extractor haha?
  5. Whenever I can get another extractor ordered (seems like everyone is sold out), I'll be testing my primary machine milled slide out with the 2.5 moa SRO I got for it, probably doesn't help but yeah, eventually I'll get some trigger time in. From what I was told, it's supposed to make weight, won't know until everything comes in to be sure though.
  6. Definitely holding off on buying the SRO until this plays out, was almost sold on it over the DPP until this lol.
  7. When I literally first started dry firing a couple months ago I did something similar for shits and gigs only it was a little worse... As in 9.5 second par time... with only 4 reloads... as I could barely make the par time about 50% of the time hahaha. It's probably not that important to do something like this as often as I do but I've noticed a significant drop in my own par time and everything is slowly starting to show some sparks of consistency, just now picked up a 5th mag pouch and magazine so I'm going to be seeing if I can beat my current par time within a reasonable time frame, it's helped to separate the draw from the drill since I'm still ironing out plenty of issues, either way this has been my go to for keeping it interesting.
  8. Well s#!t... I opened up the holes for the screws on my Shadow 2 grips and didn't even think about the dust being a hazard, now I know haha.
  9. Much appreciated, now to find someone that sells pouches like that haha.
  10. Going to be shooting my first match here, starting in production and after looking through the rules, haven't seen anything about how low mag pouches can be lowered off the belt, provided they are behind the hip bone. I may just be inflexible as hell but if I could lower the mag pouches a couple inches or so it'd make it significantly easier to grab them off the belt, even if it meant they were "deeper" in a mag pouch with more material.
  11. Haven't shot my first match yet, started looking into it over the winter and hopefully here in a month I'll have the time off of work. Coming from a "new guy" perspective, there isn't much advertising for it, ranges/matches that cater to this are hard to come by, blah blah blah. If there was an easy way for anyone to find stuff it'd probably be different, I've gotten 3 people who are also new to it looking to come play as well. Just gotta make it ridiculously easy to find for those who don't want to put in the extra little effort, people are lazy.
  12. Quite honestly I’ll eventually be looking to put together a limited or c/o gun before I make the jump to open, wish you could load 9 to major in limited tho.
  13. Sounds like I just have another reason to build a gun down the road lol, oh well
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