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  1. Good idea, I'll be doing this here shortly.
  2. I have one of the older style primary machine cut slides that requires the shorter screws as well, any tips on how to cut down the screws without messing up the threads?
  3. hawaiifivebro

    A01 LD for Limited

    It doesn't help that he's got a set of palm swells on it as well, I love the palm swells on my S2, but it's too much on the TSO, grips I have are the lok thin bogies as well, so if that doesn't work then I think I'll have my answer on the TSO. That and the magwell is really a disappointment, I knew about it prior to seeing it in person but I didn't think it would affect it as much as it can. Blending it isn't a big deal, I just would rather my gun not look like an aging adult actress's a_-hole.
  4. Have you had a chance to test this out yet?
  5. hawaiifivebro

    A01 LD for Limited

    I'm just waiting to get my hands on both the DWX and this, finally got my hands on a TSO and the TSO's grip is larger than what's comfortable for me. I really wanted to like it and I still have a set of grips I'm going to throw on it to reduce the thickness but for now I think I'm ruling it out. Waiting to get some rounds through a buddies but as of right now, I'm leaning more towards something with a bit smaller grip for my girly hands.
  6. hawaiifivebro

    A01 LD for Limited

    I emailed them and got some answers... I figured I'd ask just to be absolutely sure, but the 9mm and .40 are the same size externally. The limited versions of these will come with the magwell and basepads - didn't ask how many mags/basepads though. Magwells will be blended, the TSO woes with this won't be an issue with the A01LD's They have mags available. Grip feels similar to the TSO, but has a higher cut and not quite as wide. Squared off trigger guards will be available for an upcharge, prices not set in stone yet. The hard chrome is going to be the standard coating for these, other options are possible. Probably could've had a few more questions with more info, but figured I'd share, I was pretty excited to see the DWX come out but I'm starting to think I'll be going with this instead without the pic rail and not wanting to have much variance between trigger styles, all depends on when I get my hands on both.
  7. I'd like to think they'll open up the options for those wanting an open variant and ensuring the barrels are gtg for 9 major, and that slide stop upgrade looks like a hell of a step up, surprised it's taken this long for anyone to do so.
  8. It'd be really cool if the posts in the DWX thread could be about the DWX instead of other stuff, maybe it's just me.
  9. For $40 I figure it's worth checking out, I need an excuse to take it apart and clean it anyways.
  10. I ordered one for my cajunized Shadow 2 for shits and giggles, I've been wanting a flatter faced trigger for a while now, I'd like to believe it's a better design for pressing the trigger straight back over a curved/smooth trigger. Pretty excited to say the least, will install asap.
  11. Favorite mod I've done to my cajunized shadow 2, once you get used to it it makes the da significantly less likely to be thrown off by more movement, for me at least.
  12. SNS 125 gr RN OAL 1.125 3.7 gr Alliant Sport Pistol Remington Primers 130.6 PF (10 shot avg) Haven't done any group shooting yet but in the 80ish rounds I shot through the chrono it fed without any hiccups. Loaded up a few hundred for a little practice and will be checking accuracy then.
  13. You seem mad they are giving people a heads up about a future offering instead of just dropping it randomly...time will tell where it ends up.
  14. Between EG getting signed, Dan Wesson coming out with their own variants, CZC's AO1 now being offered in .40, I would be really surprised if their aren't a few workings in the making for a new line up/generation from CZ at some point in the near future.
  15. I likely won't ever outshoot a czechmate/whatever CZ framed open variant comes out and just from my own personal preference don't see myself ever wanting anything other than that frame, I'm a big fan boy of how it feels in my hands.
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