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  1. Hopefully this isn't a dumb post to make here but I figured competition shooters would know the Accushadow best. I picked up a used one recently and I'm trying to figure out what year it was made for my own curiosity - normally theres a two digit date circled right near the serial on the frame or near the extractor on the slide right? This Accu and the one I owned previously seem to be missing those tell tale numbers anywhere on them. Is that an artifact of them being put together by CZC rather than assembled overseas? Or am I missing something?
  2. Sorry didn't see this post until now! I've actually got the Accushadow in hand already and I'm up in the Bay Area. Thanks for the offer tho!
  3. I talked to someone in the parking lot about where to go to sign in and stuff, was that you? I was one of like 5 women there and I'm pretty tall and easy to spot haha
  4. I'm curious about this too since I'm planning to gear up a CZ in a minute. I was planning to just buy the cheaper mags and then just add baseplates to them but maybe starting with a mag body makes the most sense!
  5. well I made it out to my first match in years today, took my trusty old USP and some mags and had an absolute blast! ROs were very nice and gave me helpful tips to avoid easy safety pitfalls on a couple trickier stages (stand all the way up from prone before trying to reholster!!) I was slow as heck but it was a lot of fun. Cant wait to get my dedicated competition gun in and really hit it hard!
  6. Yeah that makes sense and was something I was looking into a little since a few out of state friends who shoot USPSA also warned me that production was one the wane. Maybe its just my club or the fact that im in CA but the match I signed up for next weekend at least has more Production shooters than Carry Optics people. Could just be a one off of course. That said, it's always theoretically possible to transition a gun like an Accushadow into a CO gun from Production right?
  7. That was my plan until I found an Accu for sale. I really dislike the stock trigger on the SP01 tho and having worked on and spoken to friends who have popped out the sear cage on a CZ it sounds like a nightmare to be honest. Plus I feel like little things would bug me about it since Im already used to the Accu. If that deal falls thru tho, thats probably the route Ill take.
  8. I do already have 6 mag pouches and a CR Speed belt from the last time I shot USPSA thankfully so the only real gear investment I need is a holster. The Shadow 2 is not available here (neither is the Accu really but I have a line on one locally). I did used to own an Accu and I put probably 1k rounds thru it so I do already know I like it for sure at least. I've put at least that many rounds thru a G17 thanks to having one in the safe (tho not actually mine) for the last five years. I shoot Glocks fine and I feel almost, I don't know, negligent? As a gun collector not owning one lol - that said I'd trade any 3 Glocks I've shot for 1 Accu. Which is handy since that's about the price difference! lol
  9. The mag situation is weird here right now. They're illegal to buy etc but not illegal to own, but they passed a law making them illegal to own. But a judge overturned that law and the whole mag ban, making all mags legal again. But the 9th circuit appeals court put a stay on that injunction. So right now I think they're still legal to own but not buy? And tons of people bought mags during the 1 week we were allowed to and as far as I know, are allowed to keep them.
  10. Any particular reason to shoot a G17 in limited minor rather than production? Also is there any particular reason to get one over an Accushadow if I already know I like them? Thanks for the advice tho all! I'll try and keep myself to just the one gun purchase for the next little while anyway!
  11. I've been using these for my 9mm USP and they've been working alright so far! https://benstoegerproshop.com/ghost-360-universal-magazine-pouch-uspsa-ipsc/
  12. Interesting point about the Glock 17 - and I definitely should have mentioned, I do have an H&K USP I used to make C-class way back in the day. It's my HD gun now so I'm reticent to have it out on the range taking thousands of rounds again tho. I'm gonna continue using it in matches in the mean time but I'm actively searching out a permanent competition replacement. I've got a few other pistols as well but nothing that really fits in a USPSA division. Tbh half the fun of competing to me is the excuse to buy more guns lol I'll have to do some more thinking on a gun with a dot. I'll get one eventually just to have, so it might as well be something good for Carry Optics - I've always wanted an excuse to pick up a G34 but yeah I guess the longer sight radius is the big thing there huh?
  13. Ok so! I'm a former low level USPSA competitor who has been bitten hard by the competition bug lately and I'm finally just about ready to kick myself back into high gear in the sport. I'm definitely the burn out type to get all obsessed for a few months or a year and then take a long break, but in my frenzied activity I like to get a lot of shooting done. I've been shooting Cowboy Action which is great and fun and all but I'd like something a little more fast paced with guns that aren't quite so fiddly haha - my original plan was to just come rolling back into USPSA as I've thought of doing on and off for years. With that in mind, I had and sold a CZ SP-01 Accushadow and miss it tremendously - nicest DA I've ever used. So I could find another one of those and then shoot Production which is the only division I ever classified in before. OR I could buy and trick up a Gen 3 Glock 34 and shoot in Carry Optics, which is a division that didn't exist last time I was into this sport but which is pretty interesting to me since I currently have no pistols with dots and have been itching to try one. I don't really love Glocks tho, but having to deal with the California pistol roster makes things a little tougher. A friend swears by his Sig P320 X5 but getting one here is $1500 - something of a hard pill to swallow. Or I guess I could get an Accushadow and have it milled out for a dot? But I love the stock sights on the Accu as is! And then to complicate things even further I recently went to a multigun practice match and loved it! I've got tons of semi-appropriate rifles already and whatever pistol I choose above would be ok as a 3 gun sidearm I think. I adore the Beretta A400 so I've already got plans to purchase a Beretta 1301 Comp Pro when it comes out (the blue receiver just slays me!). So I could end up shooting that sport too! I know I'm probably biting off more than I can chew, trying to chase down 2-3 expensive competition sports at once, but I'm probably going to buy all the guns for them eventually anyway and if you have the tools... well why not shoot them? SO Production vs Carry Optics, Accu vs G34. Anything I'm overlooking? Is all this as dumb as it sounds to me in my head? Thanks!
  14. Hello!! I started out in USPSA years and years ago and managed to claw my way up to a not-particularly-respectable C-class in Production and I'm looking to pick up where I left off! I've been out shooting Cowboy Action in the mean time and have also just started to pick my way into multigun - maaaaybe a few too many sports at once but I'm really enjoying all the excuses to buy more guns haha I'm in the Bay Area, CA and have mostly been shooting with the Richmond club, altho I've heard tell of 150 person match turn outs which is a little intimidating I have to admit
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