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  1. I make my case lube liquid lanolin and alcohol. Best way to make it use 1 oz of lanolin and 1 12oz bottle of HEET ( red bottle). Mix it in a spray bottle and I put the cases in a cheap $ store plastic container and spray them then I put the lib on and roll and shake them. Take the lid off for a couple minutes so the alcohol can evaporate and you are ready.
  2. What a good bullet to use for coyotes? Looking at the Hornady Vmax any other suggestions? I have CFE 223, Reloader 15, H335 and 748. Probably going to pick up some AR comp also.
  3. These will just target shooting. Not trying to make PF anything just looking for a accurate load for our backyard range.
  4. Looking to load up some 125 Gantlet 125 grain loads with unique. Any suggestions my load data has 1.13 as min COL but my gun like 1.10 with this bullet. Would I be safe using this data at 1.10?
  5. I will check out the Gcode not familiar with them. Always look at new stuff
  6. My wife wants a holster for 43x to mount in the console of her car. So fat look like alien gear has the best option with there hook and loop that is part of there shape shift line. Anyone have any experience or suggestions on this?
  7. I have a Lee factory crimp die but I have not been using it. I give that a try this weekend and give an update.
  8. I have not been using any crimp I was loading them just like I do plated/ jacketed bullets. I am new to coated bullets. I will set my crimp die and see if anything changes.
  9. Thanks I will load some up with Unique and some HP-38 as soon as I can. Probably be next weekend and one I get a chance to fire them I will update everyone. Already loaded a few with Accurate #5. I was hoping to shoot them today but it’s raining. I will keep you guys updated. Again thanks
  10. Just got some 125 grain Gallent bullets and the have to be loaded in 1.09-1.10 range to plunk. The only data I have for the powders I have on hand with this COL is Accurate #5. I also have Unique and , powerPistol andHP -38 on hand but the minimum COL is 1.13. Would I be safe using the data for 1.13COL as long as I do a work up load? I know COL affects 9mm pressure quite a bit.
  11. The Lee crimp die did not fix the problem. So far it looks like shorter OAL will fix it. Have done a few dummies to plunk test but have not had time to load up and test any. I just ordered 1,000 125 grain Gantlet bullets going to give them a try also.
  12. Well she didn’t like the G2C after she handled a few different guns today she is leaning heavily towards the Glock 43X. She also handled a shield, Rugar LCP9, FNS9 compact, and a Walter PPQ. She likes the Walter but said not as much as the 43x. I have to admit the 43x dose fell really good in hand but so dose the Walter.
  13. Any one shot on of these Taurus G2C? My wife is looking at them price is good and from what I have read they seem to be running fine.
  14. Don’t have a chrono yet. I am still fairly new only been loading around 5 or6 years right as everything disappeared. This is my first time loading non jacketed/ plated bullets in anything other than 38spl. Look forward to more conversation on this site. I hope to get stocked up on bullets ant the NRA show in a couple weeks I have last few years I hope Blue bullets and some other coated bullet companies are there I really like there cost.
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