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  1. Yeah it was interesting, I was actually looking at buying a shadow 2 or TSO. I asked the guy if they had a Czechmate, I just wanted to look at it. They said they had a Parrot. I didn’t know that version of the Czechmate existed. But he brought it out and honestly at first I thought it was just too over the top with the colors. Well, my wife got it and now I think it’s just beautiful. But after shooting it it would be hard not to think it’s beautiful.
  2. I’ll just continue to shoot my q5 for idpa and maybe get a shadow 2 later. Just got the alpha x it’s definitely a very nice holster. I got the TS Czechmate insert, not the TSO insert and fits very well.
  3. Ha! You are so right. Our anniversary and my birthday are next week so she got it for me. I’m pretty sure there’s a diamond ring she’s been looking at that will have to bought before our anniversary!
  4. Great info, thank you very much. I have been shooting with a q5 match in some idpa events. It hooked me so I went to local gun store and they had the parrot. I mentioned it to my wife and yes she went and bought it. That’s just how she is though, very giving. Also, as mentioned, you hit it the nail on the head, I feel very uncomfortable taking this gun as a newb because I don’t feel like my results justify a gun like this but you are right, just have fun and don’t worry about what anyone thinks of me.
  5. So it looks like to shoot 9mm major I need to start reloading.
  6. Thanks a lot for the info, sad but I’m just learning major and minor and what that means. So a TSO rear sight will fit and a 6.5mm high po9 will fit up front?
  7. So my wife got me this gun for birthday. I’m very new into competitive shooting. I’ve only shot idpa so far so this gun is way out of my league. So, 2 questions so far. What fiber optic front sight will fit this gun and can you put on adjustable rear sight? 2nd question, is the double alpha alpha x the holster to get or what other recommendations?
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