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  1. Update: xfive back from sig “repaired” after 5 weeks. Armorers notes “customer experienced ammo related blow out” They never contacted me before shipping back to notify me of thier findings. They replaced the springs and extractor that blew blew out the side of the gun. And knocked the stuck case out of the chamber. Assessment: chamber had deep scours from whatever tool they used to drive the brass out. Trigger was heavy and gritty (found the small spring that holds the striker safety lever to be bound up, I had to take everything apart and reassemble correctly) and the gun will still launch a pencil from the barrel 10ft across the room while slightly out of battery. They did did not charge me. Luckily. Sent this one packing. Traded for a CZ p-09. Staying away from Sigs for a while.
  2. Went to the range yesterday with my year old p320 xfive serial ending in 574 and had a kaboom. Just like you guys are describing. The slide was “sticky” and occasionally had to force it shut. Definitely fired out of battery. It fused the shell in the chamber and blew the case head completely off, taking the extractor and safety plunger/spring with it. Luckily No one was hurt. I’m a New Hampshire resident, so I dropped the gun off to Sig. I’ll be curious to see what the factory has to say as the pro shop staff was hinting towards being “ammo related”. Very disappointed with the company lately. My p365 has had issues also, but has since been resolved.
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