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  1. LawDog324

    Romeo 1 Pro

    The factory sites that comes on the X5 were designed to work with the original Romeo 1, I would guess that it would be the same with the Romeo 1 Pro. There were a lot of owners that complain about how high the rear site had to be adjusted due to this when not running a red dot. I cannot confirm or deny how well it works having never used a Romeo 1
  2. Be careful, when I got my X5 there was a $50 rebate and it had a sixty or ninety day expiration date. No knowledge on the Legion program on my part, but I got mine by e-mail and it clearly stated it on the form.
  3. LawDog324

    P320 X5 Thread

    I read an article were another shooter was having similar issues with another type of pistol chambered in 9mm. though some investigation and a smart reloader it was determine that stepped brass was the issue. I don't reload so I really don't know what the correct terms are, but apparently due to this type of brass pressures change and cause this issue. I'm not sure but I have read also that a lot of the overseas ammo uses stepped brass when they manufacture new ammo. I just got a case of MaxxTech 124 9mm made in Bosnia and apparently it is one of them.
  4. In the X5 they function with 21 rounds no problem, some have reported that when used in the new X5 Legion they are having issues with 21 rounds loaded. There is a difference in the slide ramp between the two X5's.
  5. LawDog324

    P320 X5 Thread

    Right were my finger rest during normal grip, just below the center of the straight trigger. It is so close you can pretty much call it center. That is the best it's been! When I cleaned it I took the FCU out and cleaned with CLP and a small brush, then wiped it down with micro fiber cloth, I then took a brass pick and worked a small amount of Lucas Gun Grease between the tigger bar and the side of the FCU, did the same where the sear sits in the FCU. I can't say for sure but I'm thinking that the grease made a difference.
  6. LawDog324

    P320 X5 Thread

    Bottom left reading is the average of 10 pulls. 2 lbs, 4.1 oz. Bottom right shows the number of pulls (10) that is being averaged. Sorry I thought readers would understand.
  7. The RTS2, Romeo 3 and Vortex Razor use the same mounting plate. That's what I have for my X5
  8. LawDog324

    P320 X5 Thread

    I was cleaning my X5 today after shooting a few matches and when I got done I decided to test the trigger on my gauge. 10 pulls Post Voluntary Recall build, Gray Gun Competition Trigger kit, GG Fat Rod guide and 14# spring, Vortex Razor on a Springer plate, now just the TXG grip to go. https://i.imgur.com/WrWOdXW.jpg?2[/img]
  9. Typically you would measure where your finger rest on the trigger with a normal grip, right at the center point or just below center.
  10. The Springer plate that I used to install my Razor was chamfered on the front and back side, it required a small amount of wet stone to fit and had to be inserted from the side.
  11. If you run a red dot, keep your X5 and buy the grip. I'm in the same boat, but my Gray Gun trigger is better that the stock Legion and I all ready have a red dot mounted on a springer plate so I'm planning on the grip. A lot of the new Legion owners are having issues with the LCI and their red dots.
  12. I have my Vortex Razor mounted on one and had to file just a small amount to get it to fit sliding in from the side just like the rear site plate. I actually used a wet stone to take the small amount off to get the proper fit. The screws are not getting any impact from the front to back movement of the slide the way it fits. Both ends should have a bevel cut to them, requiring you to slide it in from the side to install.
  13. Maybe a little different than some as I carried a S&W 659 then a S&W 645 for 20 plus years on duty so that's a system I have a lot of comfort with if things go bad. My current carry is hammer fired, but just a decocker no safety, that way it's just draw and fire but still double action on the first round. Carry: FHN FNP 40 Compete: Sig P320 X5 with a Vortex Razor and tricked out with GG Comp trigger, GG Fat Guide Rod w/1911 springs. I do shoot the FNP in production about every other month The X5 is the first and only at this time striker fired gun I own.
  14. LawDog324

    Lawn Issues

    OMG I'm going to be sidelined for a week as I'm pretty sure I cracked a few ribs laughing !! There needs to be a warning prior to reading.
  15. For those of us running other optics other than the Romeo 1 such as myself, a Vortex Razor on a Springer plate it has not been a problem. While the plate sits in the cut area of the slide, the optic sits above the grove and is only held by the screws. To this point I have had no issues with the Razor moving or loosing its zero and I've been shooting 115 grains for about 1200 rounds to get it broken in.
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