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  1. LawDog324

    P320 X5 Thread

    Being a retired LEO and Instructor for the department I completely agree that the GG Competition Kit does not belong in any carry P320. I have it installed in my X5 and it is a great kit for that gun with a 2.5 lbs. pull, but I would never use it in any gun that I would use as a carry weapon.
  2. I favor the straight trigger and have the standard Gray Guns Comp kit that comes in just about 2.5lbs. It has an over travel bushing and feels great to me with a nice break.
  3. Can't speak for the Ghost, but even the 30 day wait is worth it for RHT.
  4. LawDog324

    P365 For CCW

    Oh, I understand the value of leather and I agree with you on the longevity of it. I still have most of my holsters from my LE days, they didn't even make Kydex back then. I like the look of the Milt Spark but I would want to find one in person before dropping that much on it.
  5. LawDog324

    P365 For CCW

    Took a look at their web site and they look very nice, something I'll have to do some more checking on. I like the leather holster but will have to say these are a little higher priced than most I have considered. What makes them stand out for you compared to others? Brian, I tried one of the crossbreeds and my issue was the spring steel belt clips are right in the way when trying to grip it for a draw, maybe the position I like to carry at causes this.
  6. LawDog324

    P365 For CCW

    Thanks for the feed back on holsters, there are a lot of options to consider and I appreciate the input. The LGS have a very limited selection and I have ordered a few off Amazon with my prime membership to try. One that I came across was made by Barrels & Gear, it is a Kydex holster that has a super thin leather lining almost like suede like. This makes for a really stable snug fit with no audible sound when holstering or drawing your pistol. It has a single belt clip that is easy to install and secure on your belt unlike some of the spring steel type clips I have tried. I'll try to post a picture later but this may be the one.
  7. I run a Vortex Razor on a Springer plate on my X5 but don't have the recovery issue, it seemed to need a little downward press when I first stared shooting it. I have considered milling the slide, but just haven't taken the step yet. The poor performance history of the Romeo 1 keep me from ever trying the direct mount so I have no concept of what that would be like.
  8. Ran a Vortex Razor on a Springer plate on my standard X5 all last year with no issues. It has the same foot print as the R3 I don't see any reason to change.
  9. LawDog324

    P365 For CCW

    I looked at the Vedder site and the RAPIDTUCK IWB looks interesting although a much larger holster than I had planned on trying. From what I see it would give a cushion of leather between the gun and your body. After trying the Sig Ambi, the Kydex edges can be as uncomfortable as anything else when wearing it IWB. For those of you that have the Vedder did you get the Rapidtuck and if so which leather did you go with, the cowhide or the horsehide? I will be carrying in the 3-4 o'clock position as it's just what I've done for years and to late to relearn gun position at this point in life. I have used several paddle or kelp spring holsters over the years, but never had a IWB. Anyone else have a suggestion ?
  10. LawDog324

    P365 For CCW

    Got out to the range this afternoon and ran 200 rounds thru it. Love the way it shoots, just need to work on my grip with this baby Sig. Ended up shooting a little low and left but pretty much on me not the P365. No malfunctions and checked several spent casing and only one showed any striker drag and really not that bad just barely smeared from the center. Last twenty round were 124 gr Federal Nyclads I have left over from my LE days, talk about a tack driver with muzzle flash. Every time I pulled off a round there was a bright white halo just past the front site. Now to find a good holster as the Sig Ambi pretty much sucks for my use, but for $20 I really didn't expect much. Looks like it's going to be a winner!
  11. LawDog324


    Welcome, enjoy the Sig ride!! I for one have never been a Glock fan, I'm sure they are nice guns but just not to my taste and fit. My first striker fired gun was an X5 that I fell in love with over time, I just added a P365 to my collection and planning on making it my everyday CCW. I still like and carry my FN FLP 40, but if the baby Sig proves out, I'm guessing it will see a lot of time.
  12. LawDog324

    P365 For CCW

    Pick it up today, hoping to get it to the range Thursday to run a few rounds thru it and see how it does. Not a big fan of the Sig Ambi holster at this point, but will git it a better try.
  13. LawDog324

    P365 For CCW

    That is a good looking rig and certainly minimalistic. I would definitely try this if I don't get a Lima laser. I'm at the point of trying to decide on the Lima laser or just staying stock. I ordered a Sig holster off of Amazon that convertible OWB, IWB and Left or Right handed just to make sure I had something when the P365 arrives. Not sure it will be my go to, but for $20 it will at least be ok while I consider the Lima.
  14. LawDog324

    P365 For CCW

    Anyone try the Sig Lima Laser on their P365? If so what are your thoughts and any ideals why the green is so much higher than the red?
  15. LawDog324

    P365 For CCW

    Sorry missed the hot link when I read it first time. If the link worked right that looked like a OWB holster. I'm looking for an IWB that will work on my hip if possible, not sure I want one for just appendix carry.
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