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  1. Figured it was time to officially join. Lots of great info here!!! Been reviewing info here randomly over the years, and most recently before buying my XL 650. Just added some mods from snowshooze on eBay which makes the press a little more user friendly and smoother. I wanted to start loading my own comp rounds for IDPA and USPSA. Been shooting 150g Syntech recently and liked them, but with somewhere in the neighborhood of 15K pieces of 9mm brass, I figured it was time to start reloading. I also have a Lee turret press I bought years ago to do 223, I figured for short money (dies) I could build some test rounds and see if I wanted to reload before buying the 650. Settled on ACME 147g Hi-Tek coated with 3.1g TG, Federal Primers and OAL of 1.135". Accuracy was good and getting around 129 PF, but it was pretty cold out when the velocity measurement were take so that number should go up when it's warmer out. I just loaded 100 rounds on the 650 and will try them in the next day or so. Pretty happy with the machine!
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