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  1. If shooting 9mm major I have found a great bullet, a profile I was unaware existed until recently and it's Berry's (I'm not sponsored by them) 124gr hbfp thick plate. The hollow base does 2 things and that is 1, round nose loaded to same power factor compared to these berry's, the berry's hollow base shows no primer flattening at all, they are still round using same hs6 powder charge of 7.8/7.9 gr where the round nose shows medium pressure signs with quit a bit of flattening of primers. 2, hollow base makes better accurate due to the hollow base expanding a bit to virtually seal the barrel as the bullet travels through.
  2. Yes lightly lube through the match if it's burning off or splatting off but It may just be a personal thing. I do after a high roundncount stage because your running the gun faster, but my open glock is reliable
  3. Just curious if anybody here is shooting the Roadrunner shootout in Fresno this weekend?
  4. It's the thick plate. And I settled on 1.10. These have been the most consistent pal bullet when seating I have ever come across. Accuracy is noticeably better than round nose too. Also the hole it punches in cardboard is way cleaner and almost always perfectly symmetrical. This is my new favorite. Today using my new chrony chronograph I was getting 1360fps with 7.8 gr hs6 pal 1.10. Tonight I loaded a batch to 7.9 and 8.0 gr hs6 tomorrow will chrono again.
  5. Well it's great I am very happy with that and at practice today I can tell the flat Point knocks the steel a bit harder.
  6. So I have two different types of loads I use now one with the most recent bullet I have talked about on this form 124 grain Berry's Hollow base Flat Point thick plate and 124 grain round nose Full Metal Jacket. I notice with the same grain weight 7.8 to 7.9 of hs-6 I get about the same velocities between these two bullets but the hollow base Flat Point shows zero flattening of the primers compared to the 124 grain round nose that definitely shows flattening. Both are loaded to 7.8 to 7.9 grains of hs-6 and both are around the same velocity of 1360 feet per second on average but with the round nose Full Metal Jacket there is a little primer flattening where there is absolutely none with the Berry's Hollow base Flat Point. Can anybody explain why this is?
  7. I chronod again today with the 124 gr hbfp and bumped up my load to 7.9 and achieved 170pf. I think I can safely go up to 8.0 and 8.1. I just set aside the other ammo for practice. Thanks guys.
  8. I started with a crappy Caldwell, then confirmed with a friends, fps was pretty close between those 2, but I wanted a high quality chronological, like the kind I see at majors so I bought a chrony master.
  9. Is there anyone else that thinks seating from 1.15 to 1.495 could make the ditterence in power factor. Most loads are major but some come in at 1325 shooting a 124gr bullet. I think the projectiles I am using just have too many variations. I was gonna try it tonight and see if it helps and then gonna load 10 or 20 at .1gr heavier and see if that does it. I do have a solid backup tho with the berry's 124gr thick plate hbfp
  10. Okay thanks will do going be using the 124 grain Berry's Hollow base Flat Point thick play I just worked out loads for that those shoot amazingly fly and very consistent on the chronograph. Thank you
  11. So my major is hs6 at 7.8 to 7.9 grains they are already loaded to 1.1575. I bought a new chrony chronograph and works great. But I think some of the bullets I had had inconsistent seat depth so the rounds on the higher end toward 1.16 were showing less than major velocity but I was wondering I it is safe to assume I can measure all my loaded rounds and reseat them to 1.150 that way my velocity goes up a bit to make major. I have no pressure signs at 1.1550 but since some rounds are coming in at 1322fps, if I reseat said rounds to 1.150 I should gain some velocity back to get back up to major. However the 124gr hbfp have been the most consistent and accurate round I've loaded yet but to avoid being bumped to minor can I safely reseat down a bit?
  12. That's why when you clean your guns like you should you use a dental pic to scrape that s#!t
  13. So I chronod these loads. They felt softer than 124gr fmj rn...like by a lot. However my pile of s#!t Caldwell chrono hasnt worked from day one, only sometimes it reads correctly pretty frustrating since it costs me ammo and time, but nevertheless heres the results. I achieved 168pf at the 7.6gr mark. But I dont know if I trust it so I will try another chronograph. I shut it off and shot the rest of the rounds at 7.8, 7.9, and 8.0 and there were no pressure signs at all. Even the primers still had roundness..I was suprised. So if I have 168pf at 7.6 then I can comfortably and safely run out to approximately 176 of to work that comp better. Tomorrow I will try again.
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