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  1. Great review. One thing to note regarding the modification to your bolt. Tim states on his website that they will do this for you free of charge. Can't agree enough that Tim is excellent and their customer service is great. I have the 16" ULW barrel with the super feed and top ramp it has made a huge difference. Definitely fast on the transitions in Steel Challenge.
  2. @TRUBL Any status on when the DBRS will be back in stock? My wonderful wife was kind enough to get me an ESSB for Christmas so I'm ready to complete the set. I am on the email when available list, just thought I would go ahead and ask the boss. Thanks,
  3. I tried. I finally got to where it would fit and might work. However, it was awfully skinny where it needed some meat so I just left it off as a lesson learned. If anyone has gotten the B.A.D lever or another to work I'd like to know too.
  4. Hello, This is my first post so might as well make it worthwhile. I have a Foxtrot Mike FM9, billet lower and 16" upper. Running heavy 7.8oz buffer, and .308 flat spring (Tubbs). This came with FM's premium trigger. It was pretty good and functioned without issue. I changed to a Geissele SD 3gun trigger and it was not reliable in this rifle. Multiple times the hammer would follow and not reset. REALLY wanted that trigger to work. I went to a KE arms SLT-1 trigger and it has been flawless. It's not a Geissele SD 3gun but I do like it. I have shot 3 Steel Challenge matches and two USPSA matches along with a few hundred rounds practicing and have had 0 issues. Trigger is listed at 4.5lbs., I have not checked it but would say that's close. I bought the trigger from Brownells, and if you wait for the right coupon code you can get a good deal. Thanks,
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