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  1. if other platforms looked at for future... maybe CZ lineup
  2. id go back to your smith's shop & talk to him about it
  3. another vote for atlas. then after you buy it.... if you still have a hard on for Wick guns and you still have lots of money to blow, get the Vault 3 crate it even comes w/ a pencil lol
  4. howdy from another newb in the same area
  5. new ones are around & in stock ive been looking for used, to save a few bucks
  6. that 1 in the classified, already mentioned & another on a diff forum ... both sold qikly the other was used @ 1500 + ship
  7. howdy from DFW im looking at the same 2 lines of pistols ;)
  8. d13s3l


    thanks & yes, both ... down the road leaning towards CZ to start
  9. d13s3l


    howdy all joined to do some research on CZ & STI pistols. 1 of these 2 will be my next purchase
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