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  1. Gents; Thank you for the help. This forum is a fantastic resource. Doug
  2. Toolguy; Thank you so much for the help. Will move straight to your recommendations which will save me a week of experimentation. Blue LocTite to the rescue. Doug
  3. New guy here. Have read though numerous threads regarding the Smith and Wesson Strain screw and it’s nuances. Of the last 4 guns I have purchased, 3 came from the factory with the screw not bottomed out. Frequently, these screws will randomly loosen during a range session despite my tightening the morning of the range day. My play guns (TRR8, 327pc and 627 pro) are not for street use and I don’t compete so I have no qualms with non-factory specs/parts. My question as a lurker here, is related to the TYPE of socket cap screw. There are at least half a dozen different ends for these including the knurled one pictured below (8-32 x half inch). Allegedly, this prevents vibration from backing it out. I assume the numerous posts on the forum relate to these with a flat tip. Have purchased 5 to experiment with as well as some blue Loctite. Anyone have any experience with these? Doug Ericson, MD Neophyte Revolver Guy NSSA Master Skeet Instructor
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