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  1. i dont currently have pics, but ill get some on asap. sounds like they arent a real big deal. just never saw these type of scratches on my 9mm cases. im not using a metal magazine. i wish it were that easy.it doesnt seem deep enough to be a crack.
  2. Some of my once fired brass for my .223 has scratches that are deep enough to feel with my fingernail, but they are tiny. Are these dangerous? or are they too small to cause any harm? i know dents are not too bad but i dont know what to consider for reload and not, because it is quite a few of them. but they have only been fired once. Thank for any advise.
  3. All of my .223 has come out perfect length after the first fire. But i only use my own brass. i have a trimmer and havent even taken it out of the package.
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