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    Learning the finer points of shooting striker fired pistols, 1911 and 2011 style, anc PCC is a safe, supportive and competitive environment. I’ve been shooting for 61 years but little formal training excepte brief LEO in 1970s.
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  1. I’m brand new to PCC and excited. Got basic ready rifle JP GMR-15 yesterday. Mounted Trijicon MRO and need to sight it in. I normally run Federal 147gr through my handguns. What’s the popular ammo for PCC? I welcome your experience and advice. Sight it in at 30, 50 , or 25 yards?? After that I’ll look for organizations will to help and teach a newcomer.
  2. I am approaching retirement.  Purchased my first and only JP Ready Rifle GMR-15 9mm and looking a help, coaching, and direction in learning to have fun, improve with practice, and enjoy new friends.  I come from Montana were a bolt action 3006 with a 4X scope was all a person needed and 300 yards was a close shot.  The 5-50 yard shooting at metal plates is a bit overwhelming at this point in my development.


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