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  1. Gents I have had a problem with periodic FTE's so i replaced the extractor and ejector with factory parts and still had the same issue i installed a M-Carbo extractor and the problems were gone...best 30 bucks you can spend https://www.mcarbo.com/ruger-pc-carbine-exact-edge-extractor.aspx
  2. rowdy the 147 fp matchwinners are jacketed not plated, just got my first thousand and am going thru the 124s hey i think i saw u like 135s...fyi they just came out with a 135 hard to believe i pay less for these than plated bullets and man oh man are they accurate, cloverleafs at 10 yards
  3. check out the link on ebay for details, i just installed them and now am switching to Dawson co-witness 2 front blades for 4 and 5 in slides and fiber rods http://ebay.us/OOYuyp?cmpnId=5338273189 ends 3/9/19
  4. I just bought the mr mini bulletfeeder combo die from lee add it works fantastic.highly recommend both the mini bulletfeeder and the combo die
  5. just added the 9mm mini bullet feeder and combo crimp/seating die to my lnl, having some issues with getting the right crimp but wow is it fast
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