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  1. Where can i get one? Call Limcat direct? Doesn’t seem to be listed on the website.
  2. I’d like to run a full length guide rod. What if i run the aluminum MSH and the carbon steel magwell?
  3. Ok, i’m down to the old Dawson Ice (same as my other 3 1911’s) or the infinity steel magwell. Anyone have any thoughts on weight issues if i go infinity for single stack division? It’s going on a .45.
  4. I too am interested in seeing a 1911 Limcat magwell. Pics if you got em’!
  5. All of my 1911/2011’s get the Extreme Engineering lite speed ignition kit. Throw a magwell on and call it good. I also prefer front strap checkering, but it is spendy.
  6. Does anyone have any experience with the Stan Chen magwells? Pics? What mags/basepads do you use?
  7. I’ve traditionally used Dawson Ice magwells, but this infinity looks pretty sweet. I like the idea of metal over plastic.
  8. I’m having another singlestack gun built this year, and i haven’t done so in a while. What is the best, biggest, USPSA legal mag well out now for a single stack?
  9. Just had a conversation with Virgil Tripp this afternoon. He is sending me 3 different length springs to try. He also mentioned to polish the part of the slide that strips/feeds the next round from the mag. Feed-lips seem to be good for now. Virgil also claimed this is a fairly common problem.
  10. Anyone know what the lip spec should be on these mags? 9R-10MM-RG
  11. Just pulled them apart and measured all 6 mags. Back and Front .345 and .364 .348 and .361 .344 and .374 .347 and .351 .343 and .363 .346 and .356
  12. Probably not popular but... i use a single stage press with a lee factory crimp die (all the guts out of it) and i push through the “bulged” round. Works 100% of the time.
  13. Thank you. These mags have been re-tuned by Tripp a couple years back. I will hit them back up, but this has really always somewhat of a problem. Just wondering if i shouldn’t mess with my ammo length a bit.
  14. Mags not dropping free..... I’ve had this issue for a while and moved on to limited so I never ended up addressing... I’m using 10mm tripp mags in my .40 1911’s. My ammo is loaded to 1.183 and is moving around in the magazine enough to cause a drop issue. Basically, if i do not use every round in the mag, the rounds move forward enough to cause the mag to get hung up in the gun. Questions: Is there something i can do to the mags to cure the issue? Would loading ammo shorter fix the problem? Would loading the ammo longer fix the issue? Maybe not allowing for movement? Thank you in advance.
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