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  1. that seems like such a money pit for four, maybe five extra rounds on an already 20 round magazine. That's not for me the mag prices are enough, I haven't had issues running 20 rounds where I could've benefitted from running four more extra rounds. The only exception for me would be is you are then able to run a CZC magwell with the basepad extensions
  2. what Sneexies said, as far as shootability they aren't much different. The biggest reason I went with the CGW Flat aluminum was to have a flat trigger as opposed to a curved. It really just comes down to personal preference. If you do replace it, I would highly recommend a new trigger pin instead of trying to reuse the stock one.
  3. Thanks for the information, been going back and fourth on which pads and magwell to go with!
  4. This may be a way off topic post, but is anyone willing to put up a comparative posting of each aftermarket magazine baseplate in regards of the factory magwell? I'm considering some options and I'd like to know what fits with the stock magwell, as well as the CZC large magwell. Thanks!
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