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  1. No adjustable gas blocks on either the 300blk is a standard bcm built upper and the 15-22 is just the standard blowback. On the 300blk it was supersonic factory loads while suppressed (so if anything a little over gassed at the time). I will try swapping to mil spec instead of larue mbt to see if it fixes the issue.
  2. I have never had this failure before on an ar 15 but this week I have had two different rifles have intermittent failure for the trigger to reset. Both rifles had a larue 2 stage trigger that had only a couple hundred rounds through them. One was a bcm upper 9” with factory Hornady 110 loads while suppressed. The other was an Smith and Wesson 15-22 standard length with cci sv. In both rifles it cycled and ejected fine and loaded correctly. The trigger was simply dead and wouldn’t reset unless you ejected the round. I checked every time and round loaded into another magazine and fired. This hap
  3. Yeah the brass availability and cost is one reason I am leery of 9x23 win but the stout base makes me like pushing pressure higher on it than some others. If I can get the 38 super that close to the sig (for reference I chronoed some 124gr around 1450fps in another gun that just doesn’t point as naturally for me) it seems more tempting to build something like a super comp with a new slide/barrel on my 10mm lower. I could do the 9x25 Dillion but honestly it’s probably a bit more recoil/blast than I want.
  4. I am looking at a project gun to get roughly 357 sig type velocity in a cz or tanfoglio format pistol safely without pushing way above design pressure. So from initial thoughts I am looking at either rebarrel a 40sw to 357 sig, the con is that there is a much lower mag capacity in things like steel frame cz’s. I could go based off p09 but prefer steel framed for higher power rounds. Or I could consider a large frame tanfo and consider something like the 9x23 win. I already have a coned barrel 10mm tanfoglio as well as multiple 9mm cz’s. And other 357 sig pistols, I just shoot the c
  5. There is a very small pin that is easy to miss that you have to tap through the bottom of the slide, this may be the problem. Once removed mine easily can be tapped out from left to right.
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