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  1. Their available you just need to order then it’s 30-60 to receive.
  2. Just received my amg today will update when I get out and use it a bit.
  3. So it’s only the profile of where the recoil rod/spring go? Thx
  4. How can you tell the difference between a solid, classic and a unique slide?
  5. To buy mags or build for new 2011 open blaster? What are the best pre built and/or what parts to get to build? I know they will have to be tuned just looking for opinions.
  6. So is the evo cut for the billet grip svi bow or the regular Svi there is also a tri glide?
  7. I can’t find the geppert in stock anywhere. The svi says that it wider for the svi grip? Will it fit in the pt evo grip?
  8. I’m new to open guns and am getting ready to build my first open blaster. Currently I shoot a factory STI DVC Limited. I’m in the process of getting all the parts for the build and am looking for advice on the trigger, does the trigger shoe make much difference? Or is the shoe and trigger just astectics? Any other suggestions on parts that are a must would be much appreciated. Base will be JEM frame and slide, 9mm, pt evo grip, atlas comp, ewg hard sear, konig lo mass hammer, svi sight mount, aftec extractor. Trying to figure the rest, tia.
  9. I need a 5” threaded ASAP. When will they be back in stock?
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