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  1. Sent the Marauder to STI and they determined the barrel was shot out and fit a new one. Funny how everyone has chosen to ignore my high praises for the DVC 3 Gun -- a reasonably priced pistol that ran reliably with any ammo and magazine. I had come to 2011 from the CZ platform so expected similar reliability and accuracy. Yes, I did try different ammo (all factory though) and magazines (MBX with brand new Gram’s springs and followers) but the issues persisted with the Atlas. Anyways, just sharing my experience.
  2. Just sold off my last 2011 (STI DVC 3 Gun) because I got an offer I couldn’t refuse. As I switch over to the CZ Shadow 2 platform, just thought I would share my experience with the various 2011s I had owned. STI Marauder: bought it used and the barrel had been shot out (3 in. groups at 10 yards). No FTF/FTE issues though. Contacted STI and they replaced the barrel for free with free shipping both ways. While the grouping vastly improved, the new barrel was not fitted correctly as the gun shot left by 1.5 in. at 10 yards even with the rear sight shifted all the way to the right.
  3. Firebull

    Accushadow Parts?

    pick SP-01 Shadow as the model for parts. Accushadow is an SP-01 Shadow with CZcustom bushing and some trigger work.
  4. What’s your opinion of the Nighthawk double stack vs Atlas from accuracy, reliability and recoil management perspectives? Many thanks.
  5. Just shot my new Shadow 2 for the first time. Great gun with superb ergonomics but somehow it has noticeably more muzzle flip than my STI DVC 3 Gun when shooting the 147 grain ammo despite being 8 oz heavier. Any technical explanation as to why? Thanks.
  6. Talking about 9mm gamer guns, few people on Brianenos mention the Nighthawk double stack with IOS sights (the most ingenious iron/reddot site swapping mechanism -- far superior/durable to the screwed-on plates you find on Staccatos, Atlas, Akais, etc. in my humble opinion). Any thoughts as to why?
  7. That makes sense. $5k+ is a lot of money (at least for me) so i thought people who buy them would be top caliber competitors.
  8. Serious USPSA Limited shooters go for 40 S&W due to major scoring. Never shot IPSC so don’t Know the rules - perhaps that’s why people buy them.
  9. Custom 2011 makers have been marketing 9mm pistols that cost $5k+ in the last couple of years and much to my surprise, there are buyers for them. These are competition pistols (despite the makers’ claims they could be used for carry) and the only game where they would shine is the Tactical division in 3 Gun. In my 4 years of 3 Gun shooting, however, I have yet to encounter a set up where one would gain significant advantage from a high end 2011 pistol. Just curious who are buying these ultra expensive gamer pistols. Thanks.
  10. Thank you! Someone posted barrel coating issues at 7k rounds so interested to know how common that is.
  11. Hi, I shoot the VR80 in the Open division and so far the gun has been 100% reliable for me (only ~800 rounds through the gun though). Does anyone have a high round count VR80 and how has the gun held up? Any broken parts? Thanks.
  12. I am about the same build as you (5’7, 170lb) and would definitely go with the 24 for versatility unless you plan to use the gun only for home defense. With the 24, you can add a 2 in. extended choke and turn it into a very capable clay gun.
  13. I was in the same boat as you and went ahead and got a Titan in 9 mm. Great gun from quality perpective but required magazine tuning to work reliably (something I never had to do with my DVC 3Gun). Sold the Titan and kept the DVC. I got an Akai in .40 for USPSA -- better build than Titan but more expensive.
  14. At $1700, it's almost 70% more expensive than gen 2 and the only features of interest to me would be the enlarged loading port and new latch (they are not worth $700 to me).
  15. Used Swarovski BRT gets my vote. I regularly hit out to 550 yards with it in the North Texas Multigun Match. The glass clarity and the wide field of view at 1x is unparallelled.
  16. Had the very same issue and solved it by rotating the spring 180 degrees along the greatest width. 100% reliable now. You can try exchanging the magazine if you bought it from a good dealer. Got mine from Advanced Tactical and they never bothered returning my emails when I had issues.
  17. Over 5000 rounds on my 3G and it's still tight. Yes, the Titan is a better built gun but it's not worth extra $1.5k for me.
  18. Had both the Atlas Titan and the poor man's version of the STI Combat Master, the DVC 3 gun. Sold the Titan and kept the STI because the $4k gun didn't do anything the $2.5k one couldn't do. Steel grip is a personal preference and quite frankly it felt more like an albatross on a 9 mm gun. I would not drop $4k on a Limited gun again.
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