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  1. Bill and M. Thanks very much for the information. if you end up getting the Mag well built or quoted, let me know the price. I would probably add on to your order. but since this is a one off, we are probably talking CNC. BTW.. Bill, can you provide more information on the bolt limiter you are talking about? I notice this slams pretty hard back and one of my buddies said to change to an AR 308 spring to lessen the impact. Thanks.
  2. Hi. I started shooting PCC this year and love it. I have purchased a new DB9 RB AR rifle and it works great. Dropped in a new Timney Trigger and it runs like a champ. This weekend was a PCC points match and I have figured out that I cannot reload quickly do to the small Mag well. Does anybody know if there is a enlarged Magazine well for the Diamond Back PCC? Thanks for your help. Paul
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