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  1. Registration is nearing the end, 1 May. I encourage anyone interested to go ahead and sign up before it's too late. You can find out more info on Facebook on @rockautosmg. Thanks!!
  2. They don't call it a "giggle switch" for nothing! One of the MDs I worked for still says, "It's the most fun you can have with your pants on!"
  3. Thank you Chuck! I take it all in stride, and I appreciate Sarge looking out for the forum. I made some edits, too.
  4. Yes EEH, The Knob Creek Nationals are held every April and October. I have considerable experience with those events. The video you shares is from the main exhibition firing line, but the SubGun match is also there. Do a YouTube search for Knob Creek "SubGun", and you should find some video of several matches there.
  5. Since you asked, I have been involved with The SubGun Nationals for the last 6 years: Main Sponsor, Range Officer, and Asst. Match Director. I also CRO for major multigun matches under some of the best MDs in the country and have worked with them on builds, design, and briefs. This time I have the reins as MD and some of those people are helping me. I chose to do a SubGun match in the hopes that will help grow that shooting discipline into a more prominent sport.
  6. I have put together a major submachine gun match in central KY. Registration opens 1 Feb. @ 1900 hours, and the link for it is here: https://practiscore.com/2019-rockauto-submachinegun-championship/register There will be 6 great stages with 3 of them being natural terrain. Click on the link for more information, or go to Facebook and search @rockuatosmg.
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