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  1. Anyone have issues with the dot going out on the Sig Romeo 1 6 moa? Had about 1500 rounds total and at my last practice session of about 200 rounds the dot went out. I had the battery cap torqued down to 10in sq lbs prior to shooting and even tried a new battery after it went out. Later that night when I had time to see what was going on it was working fine, even racked the slide a fair amount to see if it would go out. Fast forward to the first stage of the match today and after 32 rounds the dot went out again....luckily a buddy helped me out with a backup. Kicker is the dot is working again at home. I have a feeling that unless Sig can duplicate it they are just going to send it back and say nothing as wrong with it. Anyone seen this before? Operator error?
  2. Anyone have issues with the battery cap coming loose? Had the battery cap torqued down to 10in lbs (I assume that is the recommended torque setting) and after about 1500 rounds the dot went out, would randomly come on and off when the slide was racked. The battery cap seemed tight but unscrewed it anyways, changed batteries same results. Didn’t have my FAT screw driver to torque it down so had to wait to get home. Seems to be fine now. Hopefully won’t have any issues at the match this weekend.
  3. Goose78

    P320 X5 Thread

    I had this exact same thing happen to me last night. Roughly 15k rounds and numerous hours of dry fire. Broke in the same exact spot, same trigger upgrade. Hopefully they will replace the part and won’t have to buy the whole kit.
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