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  1. Get the X5. Out of the box it’s ready to go. Add a Gray Guns trigger and talon grips and it’s even better. After that you can spend the rest of the time practicing and not worry about what you can do to make it even better. I honestly think the fact their is no tinkering required after you put in a Gray Guns trigger, except playing with recoil springs, allowed me to dedicate most my time to dry fire/live fire vs going to the range to see if the new disconnecter or trigger spring worked. Hope that helps.
  2. What @eboadway said. Hopefully it still fits a x-five holster.
  3. I have had the slide lock back with rounds in the magazine...but it was due to my hand/thumb placement and pushing up on the slide release unknowingly.
  4. @mcmmotorsports I believe @marco207presurected this thread because he has been having FTF issues. So the last few replies have been in response to his current issues. Thank you for uploading your video hopefully that solves the issue for @marco207p.
  5. Are you running it with the shock buffer by chance ?
  6. I had a couple FTF issues w the CZCustom 10 coil and the CZC base pad at the range. Didn’t want to mess with it so ordered a grams and use the stock spring w CZC base pads in 2 of my mags. So far no issues (knock on wood). Curious to hear what ends up fixing your FTF. Good luck.
  7. Gray Guns trigger Talon grips Red dot (spoiler alert they all break) Save the rest of your money for bullets/training. If you have extra funds maybe the tungsten guide rod and thumb rest.
  8. I thought this was all a myth but I finally saw it with my own eyes. Buddy of mine was shooting his new P320 compact (I believe it may have been a little older model because he did have to send it in for the voluntary upgrade) and after 100 rounds had a case blow. Luckily no injury and looks like the only damage to the gun was the blown up extractor. He was shooting 115 gr factory ammo. I have a P320 compact, X-Five and X-Five Legion all with 1000’s of rounds with no issues. (Knock on wood). Curious if the consensus is that it’s a combo of a bad ammo and unsupported chamber ? Or is the chamber completely out of tolerances?
  9. Goose78

    X5 Legion accuracy

    They took em off the site. They were listed but by time I saw them last weekend they were sold out.
  10. What was the turn around time from sending it in to receiving the new unit ?
  11. No. The Romeo 3 has the RTS2 footprint. I don’t own one but that’s what the other forums say.
  12. I started with a Lee Turret Press...best I could do was 150 rounds an hour on a good day. Upgraded to a 550 for about 2 years than sold it and got a 750. If you’re shooting 10-15K rounds a year and somewhat serious USPSA shooter, skip it all and get a 750 or 1050. If I had any advice skip the lee turret and get something Dillon.
  13. For those that have the Gray Guns kit and substitute with the Armory Craft trigger, are you actually noticing a difference?
  14. Since we are talking about the X5 and ad ons figured I’d ask it here, those that have the tungsten guide rod do you actually notice the difference and do you think it’s worth it? Or is that $125 better spent on ammo?
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