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  1. I started with a Lee Turret Press...best I could do was 150 rounds an hour on a good day. Upgraded to a 550 for about 2 years than sold it and got a 750. If you’re shooting 10-15K rounds a year and somewhat serious USPSA shooter, skip it all and get a 750 or 1050. If I had any advice skip the lee turret and get something Dillon.
  2. For those that have the Gray Guns kit and substitute with the Armory Craft trigger, are you actually noticing a difference?
  3. Since we are talking about the X5 and ad ons figured I’d ask it here, those that have the tungsten guide rod do you actually notice the difference and do you think it’s worth it? Or is that $125 better spent on ammo?
  4. What specifically causes the pre-tension in the original X5 vs the legion?
  5. Anyone from the Denver area have recommendations on where to shoot That allows USPSA style practice? Every club I’ve researched seems to have a wait list that is obscured. Thanks !
  6. Does the WC P320 have any advantage over a p320 X-Five Legion with a gray guns trigger?
  7. Sig said the new grips don’t actually have the little wings. He said they would replace it though but that basically it wouldn’t affect the functionality at all. I didn’t feel like waiting a week so just kept shooting.
  8. Similar story to the rest, started with the Lee Turret press a few years ago and after 8 months upgraded to a Dillon 550. I almost cried tears of joy after the first few rounds compared to reloading on the turret press. I reloaded over 15,000 rounds in a year and a half and just upgraded to the Dillon 750. Recommend the 750 with a case feeder for sure. It’s a little bit more of a machine than the 550 and took some tweaking but after a few days she’s all dialed in. I recommend just going with Dillon dies too. As someone told me prior to getting the 550, “you’re always going to want to go f
  9. Anyone have this happen to their grip yet? About 7k rounds through it. Going to call Sig tomorrow and see if they can help. Supposed to shoot a match Sunday think it’ll hold up?
  10. Took my new TSO in .40 to the range today shooting factory 180gr. Only shot about 200 rounds, disassembled back at the house to look at, and the buffer was pretty much shredded apart. Sounds like their are pluses and minus/personal opinion as to whether or not to run one....
  11. I just picked up a CZ TSO in .40 and plan to load 180gr blue bullets. From most the load data it sounds like the acceptable oal is between 1.12-1.13. My question is since I’m loading blue bullets do I need the 40xl hundo gauge or should I get the regular 40 hundo gauge or does it even matter? Thanks.
  12. Only issue I’ve had after about 10,000 rounds and a years worth of dry fire was the trigger return spring broke when I put it back together after I took the FCU apart to clean...that was in my regular X5 though. It was an aftermarket part and the company promptly sent me a new one. My legion slide is also a little worn from the holster but last I checked it didn’t affect how the gun shot.
  13. Not to throw out a million questions but are you using Sig magazines or aftermarket? Just trying to remove variables.
  14. Just keep in mind that all dots break, could happen on the 1st round or 100,000th. Seems that the R3Max and SRO from what I’ve heard/read are currently the leaders in reliability but that doesn’t mean no one has had issues. I have the R1 and R1Pro on my X5 and X5 Legion. Sig has been excellent with their warranty on the R1, haven’t put the R1Pro through the paces yet. Cant go wrong with the Holosun or Vortex for the price and using the Springer Precision mounting plate either. For what your asking I’d go with the Romeo 1 Pro. I only just found out that the new Legions have
  15. Goose78

    P320 X5 Thread

    After about 10,000 rds and a good amount of dry fire I had the trigger return spring break on my x5...although it was a Gray Guns trigger kit. Now I keep back up springs just in case.
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