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  1. I remove my guide rod and plug from the rear by pushing it back does that mean it is cut right?
  2. I have a Hext tac 5.0 I am converting to a Bar Sto bull threaded barrel I am going to need a new guide rod and thought about just getting the tool less rod as it would save me from having to remember paperclips. Will it just drop right in or do I need a different plug.
  3. Unfortunately they don't make the barrels anymore I will have to build another frame and slide. I ended up just getting a Hex tac 5.0 in 9mm as a second 2011 one of the limited model ones in FDE and OD green will be picking it up next Wednesday.
  4. when I asked he told me to just build a new frame as by the time I welded and re machined it it would be too cost prohibitive. I ended up just getting a Hex tac 5.0 in 9mm as a second 2011 one of the limited model ones in FDE and OD green will be picking it up next Wednesday.
  5. Problem is apparently they have not made the linkless barrels in like 6 years
  6. I am building a frame and slide for my 2011 as my current is a 38 super made with parts no longer in production will my extractor and parts from my old slide be able to drop into a new one with fitting? also what do I need? I am looking at the CK arms light frame and maybe a brazos slide I am going to make it a bull barrel. Can anyone give me a parts list of stuff I will need? I have a gunsmith who will assemble and fit everything.
  7. I was thinking about getting a Brazos frame and slide and building an entirely new upper for it in 9mm with a bull barrel
  8. I have a STI 2011 with a Briley linkless barrel. Briley no longer makes the barrels. How would I go about converting to a regular barrel? https://imgur.com/a/8HFXGFl
  9. how would I go about converting it to a normal linked barrel? I called them and they said they would get Claudio the guy who probably made the gun originally to look into it but if I can convert back to a regular barrel that would be great.
  10. It is a briley barrel but I can't find it on their website anywhere
  11. Briley made the barrel but they don't have anything like it on their site currrently
  12. I bought a used 2011 and I am trying to find a 9mm barrel but nothing looks quite the same. link to the pictures because I can't post them due to the size limit. https://imgur.com/a/8HFXGFl
  13. Thank you! I'll wait til it comes in and see then. I actually work at a company that gunsmiths, cerakotes and laser ports guns so I might just have our in house gunsmith do it if not I might take you up on your off to help!
  14. Some people were saying you could shoot 9mm out of a 38 super without changing anything and only get less accuracy is there any truth to this?
  15. I dont know yet its supposed to arrive Saturday and I thought I could maybe order parts ahead of time I thought the ramp type may be frame specific.
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